Monday, January 18, 2016

Page 1164

As they neared the ground again, Ibai could see the edge of the desert--or of the sand, at least. The barren landscape stretched on for a while yet, but he could see more green on the horizon.

They hit the ground again with the force of a bomb, and just as before, Ibai lost track of what was happening. When his senses returned, he expected to be in the air again, but that was not that case. Instead, he found himself staring at the ground as it rushed past.

The Monster had resorted to running, Ibai realized.

And it was surprisingly enjoyable. Even dangling under Gohvis’ arm like this, the ride wasn’t bumpy at all. The Monster’s gigantic footsteps were so nimble that it felt like being carried along a rail line, curving smoothly up and down the long stretch of foothills in front of them.

At least, that was what Ibai imagined it felt like. He’d always wanted to ride on a train.

Ibai saw a cliff ahead. Approaching fast. Too fast, actually. Gohvis didn’t intend to go around it, did he? Nope, he was accelerating toward it, Ibai realized.

They surged forward, faster still, and tore through the cliff like wet paper. Ibai barely even felt it, too.

Then there was more running. Lots more running.

Ibai ended up contemplating the subject of that cliff for a good long while, though. Gohvis hadn’t even raised his hands to punch through it. The guy had literally parted solid rock with his face. Plus a ton of momentum and inertia, but still. What was even the point of doing that? Certainly, the Monster could’ve jumped over it with ease. Was he just showing off? Or did a dozen meters of solid rock really mean so little to him that it genuinely felt the same as running through open air?

Agh, he wanted to know so badly, but there was no way Gohvis would answer a question like that. Ibai could see it now. He would ask, and then Gohvis would just give him that silent look that made him feel like he might die horribly in the next few seconds.

Eh, maybe he’d try asking later anyway.

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