Saturday, July 11, 2015

Page 1057

“I’m talking about fun,” said Ibai. “Being an aberration is all about enjoying yourself.”

Reever was indignant. “I know that! I am having fun!”

“No, you aren’t. Don’t you see? This is just some boring mission. Abolish has tricked you in order to take advantage of your power.”

“Nuh-uh! Sneaking around and surprising people is super fun!”

“Sneaking? Sure. Waiting around for orders? No. Which is exactly what you were doing just now. Waiting for Hahl Saqqaf to show up so you could ambush them, right? How dull!”

“Well... that’s true, but... it wasn’t so bad... And the pay off would’ve been--”

“Tch. You poor thing. They’ve really sunken their claws into you, haven’t they?” He let Reever go. “Let your Uncle Ibai teach you a few things.”

Reever turned to face him. “What things?”

“Well, for example, this mission: where’s the fun in slaughtering your opponents before they even realize what’s happened? We aberrations thrive on chaos. Literally, our power in a fight depends on our capacity to enjoy ourselves therein. So tell me, how are we meant to enjoy anything if the battle ends before it even begins?”

“Ah, well... I suppose you have a point.”

“Of course I do. That’s why we can’t just ambush the Rainlords like this. We have to reveal everyone’s presence and let the fight really get rolling.”

Reever pursed his lips and squinted. “Hmm. But what about our comrades?”

“Eh, they’ll be fine.”

“You think?”

“Sure! Caster will take care of them.”

“I don’t know. These Rainlords seem pretty dangerous.”

“That’s why it’ll be great! Who ever enjoyed a fight with a weak opponent, huh? No one, that’s who!”

“I’m still not sure...”

“Alright. Fair enough. Clearly, we require a third opinion here. We should ask one of our brothers.”

Reever nodded. “Good idea. One second. Let me see who’s closest.”


  1. Extra letter-- 'And the[y] pay off would’ve be--”'

    Ibai is a fucking genius. Hell, after reading that, even I was saying it'd be more fun to face the Rainlords head-on!

  2. Oho! Or Ibai is a genius trying to protect hes family or he really have a screwed up mind

  3. And the best part is: it will look totally "Dammit: aberrations! Impulse control breakdown!" as far as Abolish is concerned for a while...

  4. I knew i there was a reason i liked Ibai =D

  5. Obviously trying to protect the Rainlords

  6. HA! What a genius!!!!

  7. I have a new theory: Aberrations do not gain power from eating souls, they gain power from having fun, the two are just so closely intertwined that people assumed the eviler option was correct. That's why Ibai doesn't have the power of a newborn aberration; he has had plenty of fun, even if it isn't as much as would have had constantly slaughtering.

  8. Ibai is awesome! Whenever I finish a chapter I can't help but wish for a time-travel machine for the sole purpose of going forward in time and getting more to read, I wouldn't even bother messing with the future deliberately.

  9. Animal Souls, I think, is the reason... cats and such.

  10. So I guess this isn't a true conversion attempt, but rather an attack on Reever's discipline and tactical sense. Less climactic, but much more likely to believably succeed.

  11. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomJuly 11, 2015 at 10:51 PM

    its funny how true that is
    they're like an army of green goblins and Jokers on crack with firework guns
    its kind of funny to see them do a Solid, a Solid Snake

  12. I'm pretty sure his parents don't let him kill animals. They thought it was a slippery slope to humans, so forbade him on punishment of being locked in an empty room and being bored.

  13. Did...did you somehow miss the part where Ibai said he ate animal souls?

  14. You might not have seen his comment but Lord Eric found a small mistake on Page 122. A "Lynnette" with only one 'n'.

  15. Clearly, then, you need to learn about the true meaning of aberrationhood from Ibai as well.

  16. Ibai has just gone from being someone I really like to being hands-down my favorite. even better than Roman.