Thursday, July 9, 2015

Page 1055

“Hmm,” mused Ibai, stroking his bare chin.

“It seems you have a choice to make,” said Caster. “Would you like to stay here with us and attack your captors? Or would you like to go meet Ivan?”

Indeed, there was a choice to be made, though it was not as Caster described. Unfortunately, however, Caster hadn’t identified which of the reapers here was his own. The one nearest him could’ve just as easily belonged to Ted or Arnold, and if Ibai chose incorrectly, it would quite likely mean his death. And he didn’t really feel like dying right now.

The preferred target, therefore, was perhaps Reever. Ibai gave him a friendly look as he thought about it, and then said, “Actually, at the moment, I’m most curious to meet these other aberrations you mentioned. Despite my age, I’ve not met many of our kind, you see.”

“Oh, of course,” said Reever. “I’ll be sure to introduce you to all of them after the mission is over.”

Ibai frowned. “You can’t introduce me now? I’m a bit anxious. What if they die during the fight?”

“That is not possible,” said Caster. “The mission takes precedence, and it would be imprudent to interrupt the others.”

“I see,” said Ibai. He nodded as he threw another look around the room. “Well, then...” His gaze landed back on Caster, who merely returned an unwavering stare.

The little man was still sizing him up, it seemed. Was he figuring it out? No, probably just being vigilant.

Regardless, Ibai only saw one course of action left to him. He wasn’t going to be able to kill Caster or Reever by himself. But they didn’t know that.

Ibai teleported behind Reever and wrapped an arm around him. “We’ll be back,” he lied as he blinked away with the other aberration in tow.


  1. Vincent Atd[perspherspley]July 9, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    Thanks for the new page.
    Guys, don't forget to vote at Top Web Fiction to make it into top five so people would get curious at this.

  2. It begins. Get hype!

    Ah I hope Hector doesn't see Ibai with Abolish and start thinking he turned traitor....

  3. Every competent Abolish reaper and servant: "Those FUCKING aberations!"

    They won't even suspect him, either. An untrained aberration acting spontaneously according to their stated desires in the most gratuitously irritating way possible has to be practically expected.

  4. I'm guessing insta-team-up between Desmond and Geoffrey was pretty much par for the course. 😂

  5. Ibai uses YOINK! It's super effective! (Well, until the surprise wears off. :/)

  6. When Ibai says "kill this one" pointing with both hands...

  7. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomJuly 9, 2015 at 11:45 PM

    He's playin' the playas!!
    Let's hope the playas ain't playing him....

  8. Trip.
    Would they even be able to pull Ibai back? And if it really is teleporting he's doing, rather than merely traveling the aether, time/space laws would have him be able to time jump, whatever plane (plain?) you'd have him ride.

  9. Space is of no consequence in the teleport void, but it says no such thing about time. This is Eleg, not Pern.

  10. Hah! That'd be great!