Sunday, July 5, 2015

Page 1054

“Very well,” Ibai said, more quietly now. “What was that you said earlier about the mission being messed up? Is there already fighting going on somewhere nearby?”

“Ah,” said Reever, “itching to join, eh? Yeah, the guys out front revealed themselves to someone, and now they’re scrambling to kill the guy before he makes it back here.”

“You are not scrambling along with them?” Ibai asked.

“Orders from above,” said Caster. “Besides, if we did that, we would lose many strategic positions. Even while invisible, it is quite time-consuming to move around this place without alerting anyone. If someone sees a door opening on its own or hears footsteps where there should be none, it could become problematic. And naturally, cameras only serve to complicate the issue.”

Ibai tilted his head. “Who do you take your orders from? Any names I would recognize?”

“Certainly,” said Caster. “Our sect answers directly to the Salesman. He is back at camp, if you would like to meet him.”

By now, Ibai had more or less intuited that these people belonged to Abolish, but that name was more than enough confirmation. Ivan, the Salesman of Death. Widely regarded as one of Morgunov’s strongest followers. “Back at camp?” Ibai asked. “He’s not here at Dunehall?”

Reever shook his head. “Unfortunately, even aberrations wouldn’t be able to hide his presence. But I’m sure he had other stuff to take care of, anyway.”

“Hey, I heard the Monster was there, too,” said Ted from earlier, not quite so loud this time.

“What? Why would the Monster be there?”

Ted gave a heaving shrug. “Heard he was looking for someone.”

“Even if that is true, it is none of our concern,” said Caster. And that was enough to shut them up again.


  1. Missing quotation mark-- "Back at camp?” Ibai asked. ["]He’s not here at Dunehall?"

  2. woo hoo all caught up!!! awesome storu

  3. Vincent Atd[perspherspley]July 5, 2015 at 3:33 PM

    So I assume that Monster they're talking was Gohvis, looking for his successor Emily.

  4. At least we'll get a crazy insane battle that will occur in Dunehall later on.

  5. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomJuly 5, 2015 at 4:43 PM


  6. [And naturally, cameras only serve to complicate the issue.]
    Would servants be able to see reapers through cameras? Because I can think of at least one solid reason why they couldn't.

  7. And then Dunehall is reduced to a mini disaster area? I think quite a few characters would not want that to happen lol.

  8. It's not the reapers that's the problem, I think...

  9. You don't have to assume, it IS Gohvis. That's one of his names, "The Monster of the East".

  10. I never meant that as to relate to this particular situation. Just random curiosity.

  11. Aberrations are awesome. Like rabid, playful dogs... you like them, but to meet them is terrifying. XD

  12. Page 9 says (
    Garovel drifted nearer the mirror, and Hector realized suddenly that the reaper had no reflection.

    Pretty strong evidence that they wouldn't show on photos/videos either.

  13. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomJuly 7, 2015 at 1:00 AM

    Why haven't people heard of this?
    Whenever I ask someone if they have, they go "whuts, zombie knight? is it delicious?"
    .....George you need to advertise more

  14. And then Hector gets the crystals from the ruins... Because that is super important... Yeah

  15. He wouldn't be able to use them himself. He'd have to find some other use for them.

  16. Vincent Atd[perspherspley]July 8, 2015 at 7:31 AM

    So I made a forum of this novel at animesuki, batoto, jcafe24, and mangahelpers to promote this, but I realised too late that it was a futile attempt, since we are already discussing this here in this site.

  17. I think servants basically get a secondary ability to see reapers that has nothing to do with their eyes. It seems strongly implied to me that reapers are shown overlaid on sight rather than via their own special sense because just because that's how the brain interprets information it doesn't understand how it got, sort of like how you seem to taste things that are actually just smelled and then intuited to be in your mouth.