Friday, July 10, 2015

Page 1056

With a fresh hallway all to themselves, Ibai kept his shadow out to swarm around Reever. He didn’t use it to actually hold him down, knowing Reever could probably tear right through it. Instead, he used it only for intimidation--a cluster of brown spears all pointed at Reever’s head.

“I’m gonna need you to release your power now,” said Ibai. “Let only the two of us remain invisible.”

“Er--I’m really not supposed to do that.”

Ibai pushed the spears closer. “Please? I’d like to talk to you, but you need to do that first. Privacy, you see.”

“Aha. Okay. Fine.” Reever waved a hand. “Done.”

Ibai used another teleport to check the man’s work. Indeed, he was able to see the souls of the Abolishers suspended in the ethereal void above them now. In a new room again, Ibai relaxed his shadow somewhat. “Thank you.”

Reever shifted slightly, still held fast with Ibai’s arm, but didn’t struggle any more than that. “Would you mind letting me go now?”

“In a minute. Ask me a question.”


“Ask me a question,” Ibai repeated. “I’m sure you have one in mind. A very pressing one, hmm? Go on. Ask away.”

Reever took a moment. “What’s your favorite color?”

Ibai brought the spears back, closer than ever before now, making Reever tense up. “Come on,” said Ibai. “That’s not the one.”

“Why are you doing this?” Reever asked.

“There you go. That’s the right question.” He pulled the spears back another time. “I’m doing this because your time in Abolish has clearly caused you to forget what being an aberration is all about. Assuming they even let you learn it in the first place.”

“What are you talking about?” said Reever.


  1. I can't tell if Ibai is about to tell some hidden truth, or just mess with this guy. Hype!

  2. I smell a Batman Gambit (I think that's the right trope) coming on...

  3. He's gonna get himself a henchman. Or a sidekick.


  5. Hahaha he's trying to convert him. That's wonderful.

  6. This I gotta hear. He can't have gotten this aberration creed of his from his family, because they think aberrations shouldn't be, and most others would say it's about eating souls and getting stronger. And it can't just be "make friends", because Reever has some.

  7. Atta boy Ibai, the first step to deception on the spot is conviction, because I don't think you would have had this particular lie on speed dial or that there is a predetermined purpose for Aberrations in the first place. Sure they can be given one, but they aren't even natural. I mean aren't they like, sins against nature?
    Lesson of the day: Not all sins are bad apparently, Ibai's not a total monster, he only poses a higher risk for monstrous tendencies

  8. Is being an aberration being free to do what you want and not get caught up in higher purposes of others? And following others or being taught what to do how to think, and what is fun (such as may be the case in abolish) is against the aberrations nature?

  9. OK... who taught Ibai Poker? This is their fault, I swear it. :D