Friday, March 6, 2015

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Dunstan made no response, and for a while, there was actual silence, much to his surprise. None of the other watchmen seemed especially talkative, perhaps busy conversing with their own unhappy reapers. Normally, a bit of peace and quiet was incredibly welcome, but here and now, it only felt uncomfortable. It made him think that Reza was genuinely worried and not just bitching and moaning like usual. At length, he grasped for a new subject of his own.

Why do you think she decided to bring us to Korgum with her?

Probably because our unit did most of Lawrence and Miles’ dirty work, trying to capture the Elroys. She doesn’t want us carrying out any more secret orders from them, I’d wager.

Dunstan could believe that. He and Reza had heard about how Sanko had basically given Overra a time out like some kind of kindergartener. He’d also been one of the officers that Sanko called out to talk to, so he ended up right there behind her when the Rainlords decided not to cooperate. He didn’t think he’d be forgetting that battle anytime soon. And frankly, after witnessing that level of combat, he felt more or less prepared for whatever Korgum would throw at him.

He tried to keep the conversation going. ‘...What do you think Sanko intends to do with the Elroy boy?

Reza required a moment to acknowledge the question. ‘Oh. Who knows? I’m sure she just didn’t want to leave Cisco and Dennex with Miles.

Mm. Maybe she means to protect them herself.

Or interrogate them. Or both. I’m more concerned about what she intends to do about the Rainlords she didn’t capture. As things stand, there aren’t even any Vanguardians left in Sair trying to hunt them down.

She’ll probably just dispatch a new division, won’t she?

Probably, but until she does, the Rainlords will be able to do whatever they like. PREPARE whatever they like. And they have a history of being complete motherfuckers when it comes to that sort of thing.

Are you speaking from experience?

As it happens, I am. I was killed by one of their fucking booby traps.

That made Dunstan pause. ‘Now I’m curious.

Oh, you want gory details? Because I have gory details. Literally details of the gore.


  1. He and Reza had heard about how Sanko had basically given [a] Overra a time out like some kind of kindergartener.

    ‘...What do you think Sanko intends [to] do with the Elroy boy?’

  2. Got 'em. Thanks for the catches, Vincent.

  3. Oh, Reza is just fucking priceless.
    And the rainlords do have a long, long, history of fucking over people that venture into their lairs, don't they? "See those dams? Those don't have to be there. See that army? Neither does that."

  4. Hmmm... if she's not thrilled with the present course of action, others within Vanguard will also be unhappy. More chaos to add to the turmoil stew?

  5. lends a whole new meaning to the phrase "legions of the dammed".