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Page 997 -- CXIII.

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“Jackson might very well be second only to Sermung now,” said Imas, unable to conceal her smile. “I know we are currently in conflict with the Vanguard, but I am so excited about this news.”

“Why?” said Asad.

“Because! The Radiant Sentinel! The Star of the West! He’s done it again! And this time, he probably saved millions of lives! Oh, a man like that--I wonder what he’s really like.”

Asad exchanged glances with Orjand. “I didn’t realize she was such a fan of his.”

...I did.

“Have you ever seen him?” said Imas. “He is so handsome. And I bet he’s amazing in bed.”

Asad was incredulous. “You’re a lesbian!”

She shrugged. “Yeah, but I wouldn’t say no. Not to him.”

Asad just sighed and laughed at the same time.

“Everyone has their exceptions,” said Imas. “I’m sure there’s at least one man you’d make an exception for, right? There has to be.”

Asad returned a flat stare.

“Just give it a little thought,” she urged.

He shook his head.

“Whatever. Big tough Sandlord can’t even admit when he wants to have sweaty, passionate sex with another man. It’s not like I would tell anyone.”

“...Is there a reason you’re still in my room?”

Chapter One Hundred Thirteen: ‘O, worldly warrior...’
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Rezamaar wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

Would you relax?’ said Dunstan. He wasn’t exactly comfortable, either, crammed into the back of a plane with the rest of the Seventh Watcher’s Unit. ‘You’re going to lose your grip on my arm.

Ugh. Fine.

The concern wasn’t that she would fall through the plane. The aircraft’s hull had been soul-empowered to prevent that from happening. But unfortunately, that also made circumstances more dangerous for her. Save only for the planet itself, reapers were not affected by relative motion in physical reality. If she let go of Dunstan, she would become suddenly stationary relative to Eleg but not the aircraft. The result, therefore, would be her smashing into the side of the cabin at eight hundred kilometers per hour. And even a reaper would not be able to survive that.

This was why soul-empowering airplanes was generally never done, with the one exception being in the transportation of captives. Technically, they were being “reassigned,” but the Gargoyle clearly didn’t want any of their reapers escaping.


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