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“Why?” asked Zeff, pulling his vest on. “Are you worried people will think I’ve gone mad?”

Axiolis paused. ‘Yes. Exactly that, yes.

“Do you think I’ve gone mad?” Zeff considered wearing a tie. It wasn’t the most battle-appropriate attire, but a significant part of him didn’t really care about that right now. He was thinking more about what calming effect it might have on him. A certain sense of order and professionalism could help him keep a clear head. Maybe.

To be honest, I hope you have. A little, at least. Because I’m fairly certain that I’ve lost some of my marbles, too.

“Oh? How so?” He decided in favor of the tie. He liked the blood red one on the dresser.

Well, for instance, I know we shouldn’t fight Lawrence. He and Dergoz have a good forty years on us in terms of both experience and soul-syncing. And they can use pan-rozum. In my mind, I know these things. Attacking them by ourselves would almost be suicide. And yet... I’d go with you to hunt them down right now, if you asked me to.

Zeff nearly smiled. “That’s not fair. I wanted to be the unreasonable one.”

I apologize.

He stared at himself in the mirror, not able to see Ax reflected behind him but still knowing the reaper was there. “It’s alright. I just have to remember them. Francisco, Emiliana, Marcos, Ramira. And Gema. Any word on her whereabouts?”

No. I would’ve told you earlier if there had been.

“That girl...”

We’ll find her.

Zeff straightened his tie. “Yes, we will.”

They left the room. His brethren had chosen one of Rheinhal’s nicer hotels for their headquarters, he noticed, and that was saying something in this resort town. If he were in a better mood, the luxury might have been appealing.

Axiolis led him out into the street, and Zeff immediately turned east in order to see the castle on the hill there. A few of its turrets were missing, and the red paint on its walls was rather heavily marked up, but Rhein’s Keep was still standing.

Zeff didn’t have to go any farther, however. Octavia Redwater found him before he could find her.

She smiled that tiny, wrinkled smile of hers. “It is so very good to see you again, Zeff.”

He hadn’t even thought about what he should say to this woman, and that seemed like a mistake now that she was in front of him. Too many thoughts stirred in his head at once. Gratitude, apologies, questions. Far too many.

He settled on a silent hug, instead.


  1. WOOHOO HUG! Every story can do with more hugs.

  2. "He liked the blood red one on the dresser."

    I don't know why, but that is a wonderful note of imagery. Appropriate and a little discordant at the same time.

  3. It's too bad Hector is afraid of hugs, then.

  4. Frost, is the side banner ad supposed to be for TZK itself?

  5. .. sense of order and professionalism could [be] help him...

    Keep up the good work otherwise. If I had to choose, I'd certainly go for awesome over typo-free.

  6. I think that's the default image, if the ad isn't loading.

  7. It's not too bad! It's a good thing! It means his reaction to one will be hilarious. >:)

  8. Hugs, worry about the kids (one in particular) and shared bonkers: this would be really sweet. If it were under different circumstances. :(

  9. Yeah, it's just the background image for when no bids have been placed. Not to worry. Project Wonderful doesn't allow you to bid on your own site.

  10. I honestly can't put into words how much I love Axiolis right now. So, instead of some mushy fangirlism right now, a little note on choice of words:

    "If he were in a better mood, the decadence might have been appealing."

    I think that's the first time I've ever heard of "appealing decadence". Probably not an error (as the sentence makes perfect sense the way it is), just a combination of words that caught my interest because it's bordering on an oxymoron.

  11. Hmm. I suppose that's a good point. I'll change it to "luxury."

  12. Zeke: Have a hug, Hector!
    Hector: Umm.. oh god... EMERGEEEEEENNNNNCCE! *vapourizes countryside with a chunk of iron smashing the ground at near lightspeed*

  13. I think that would only happen if it was a girl. Possibly only if it was Lynnette. By the way, who is Zeke? I don't remember any characters named that, or even any commenters (sorry in advance for forgetting the inevitable Zeke in the readership).