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Page 900

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“What a pretty name,” said Ibai. “Why are you in here all by yourself?”

Emiliana lowered her brow at him. “Shouldn’t you know that already?”

“Mm. Probably. But I don’t. Do you know what is going on outside?”

“Some kind of battle.”

“Right. It’s dangerous. You shouldn’t be here. So why are you?”

“...I’m being held prisoner.”

“Prisoner? Why? Did you do something wrong?”


“Oh, so like a hostage, then?”

“I suppose so, yes.”

“Well, that seems pretty unfair. Not to mention boring.”

She only squinted at him.

Ibai laughed suddenly. “I understand! Not being allowed to leave! You can’t possibly know how much I sympathize with you! By the way, what’s wrong with your face?”

Emiliana chose not to answer that.

“Oh, I bet you’re a servant, aren’t you? You’re one of those super-rare mucus users I heard about, right? Do you fight using snot bubbles? Could you show me?”

“Er, I think you mean mutation users...”

“Do I? Well, that sounds way less cool. Hey, where’s your reaper?”

“I don’t know, actually. She’s being kept somewhere else.”

“Oh, should we go find her, then? I bet I know where she is. Ooh, and then we could all go on an adventure together!”

Emiliana hesitated again. “What do you mean by adventure?”

“I don’t know. That’s how adventures work, right?”


“Sounds like a plan!” He grabbed her hand and teleported them both into the next room. They appeared in midair, having to fall a few inches before touching the floor again, and Emiliana ended up stumbling forward.

“What in the world was that?!”

“Neat, eh?”

“But--all that--?! What was all that stuff that flashed by?! All those lights!”

“Oh, those?” A beat passed, and then he gave a lame shrug. “Anyway, let’s keep going. It’ll take a couple more jumps to reach the dungeon.”


They teleported once more, three floors down this time. Another troupe of armed strangers with reapers was right there to greet them.

It’s an aberration!


It’s got an Elroy!


And they vanished behind a muddy curtain. When they reappeared, there was no light, and Ibai had to fumble around in the dark for a bit before finding the switch on the wall.

The ceiling lit up in intervals, revealing a long, arching corridor full of musty prison cells, all wrought from ancient rock and steel but still airtight even to this day.


  1. I can't tell if this guy's terrifying or adorable. He actually seems to just be dangerously delusional rather than amiably psychopathic.

  2. Hey, folks. Leave a vote or a review for 900 pages!

    Or don't. Y'know. Whatever. 's cool either way. I'm way too chill to be concerned about those types of things, anyway. *puts on shades*

  3. Haha yea you are right but i kinda like this ibai he got some funny alititue even when he is a monster and he didn't started killing things

  4. You can't possibly know [how] much I sympathize with you!

  5. "Do I? Well that sound(s) way less cool."

  6. I really like Ibai, but I'm afraid things are either going to turn into tragedy or he'll turn into a REAL monster. And that makes me sad.

  7. Dammit, stop making me like him, he's going to get horribly killed or something :(

  8. Kensei Seraph - 2 more daysDecember 8, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    I am starting to really really hope that Ibai somehow turns out to be a good aberration.

  9. Kensei Seraph - 2 more daysDecember 8, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    *Pulls off shades*
    We're up to number 3.

  10. If he dies then who gets his bone thingy?
    I wonder how he would increase his power. Usually aberrations devour victims souls with their power, souch as fire or mindcontroll, but him? Maybe he just teleports them and traps them into the void.

  11. Curse you! That spot was sweet, if brief. Ah well, I like Zombie Knight so I guess it's okay.

  12. Hm...Ibai would probably just enjoy being the mole that enjoys teleportation instead of getting whacked.

  13. Easy, telefrag the poor guy.

  14. who says he can only be one of terrifying and adorable? Also, if he feeds through his special power like the other aberration we've seen, lets hope he never tries that particular trick on any normal people.

  15. his bone would be fairly useless, because it only has two souls. Remember, Lynn's bone has hundreds of souls if not thousands, and she is still at a crippling disadvantage without reaper-sight.

  16. Are they actually literally airtight, or does he just mean really secure?

  17. Haha. It's always a treat to see other serial writers in the comments. Best of luck to you with Citadel. :)

  18. Settle for "terrifyingly adorable", then. :)

  19. Or kill horribly. <_< Whichever. -_-

  20. "And they vanished [into behind] a muddy curtain."

  21. Aberrations are so adorable. Especially when they aren't extremely homicidal and after your life.

  22. showing the other side of aberrations. terrifyingly psychopathic and uncertainly delusional