Thursday, December 18, 2014

Page 913

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Ibai frowned at his father. “It’s not over already, is it, Papa? I barely got to fight!”

Ismael didn’t seem to hear him. “A ceasefire,” the man said, almost inaudibly. “Yes, a ceasefire...”

So you agree, then?’ said Chergoa.


Alright, then call off your monster.

Before Ismael could move, however, Melchor came splattering toward them. The mercury bubbled and sizzled beneath trails of smoke and steam, and Melchor’s liquid mass seemed to have trouble keeping its shape, dripping like hot wax.

Ismael ran over to him, pulling Ibai along as well. “Melchor!” he shouted. “Stand down! For now, this battle is over!”

“What are you saying?” came Darktide’s growling voices.

“Just stand down! I command you!”

And Melchor needed no further convincing. The mercury liquid coalesced into a human form once more and regained the pale skin color that all Blackburns shared. Orric melted out of the man’s naked body and fell into his hand. Melchor dropped to his knees, breathing heavily and sweating, looking as if he were about to retch.

Xuan arrived, still bursting with smoke and fire, as Ismael was pulling off his own overshirt to drape around Melchor’s shoulders.

“What’s all this, then?” said Xuan. “Surrendering? Wait--is that an aberration?”

Ibai was busy pulling off his pants.

Chergoa spoke up again. ‘We’ve reached a temporary understanding,’ she said. ‘Em, tell him.

Emiliana placed herself in front of Melchor and raised both hands toward Xuan. “Please stop fighting. There’s been a big misunderstanding, and we’re requesting a ceasefire. Please.”

The Seadevil just continued to hover there, swirling in place and hardly seeming human enough to have a voice at all anymore. Slowly, however, he lowered himself down to the ground and took on his usual, smaller visage. And of course, he was also stark naked.

Asad lent him his robe, which fit Xuan like a blanket.

Everyone else had released their reapers, and by extension, their hyper-states, but Xuan still clung to his. “Return the children to us,” he said with two voices. “Only then will my cousins agree to talk to you.”

“Very well,” said Ismael.

“Good.” Xuan looked over at Asad and Hector. “Don’t let that thing eat Duvoss while I’m out, yeah?”

“What do you--?”

Duvoss melted out of Xuan’s body, and Xuan fell flat on his face, unconscious.

And when Melchor saw that, he collapsed onto his side, also out cold.


  1. “What’s all this, then?” said Melchor. “Surrendering? Wait--is that an aberration?”

    I'm confused. I thought he knew about Ibai?


    “Only then will you have I agree.”

    There are a couple ways to resolve it. You're a big boy, you'll figure it out.

  2. I think it's supposed to be Xuan, not Melchor in the first sentence.

  3. Also: vote, you miserable curs, or Ibai the Lovable Aberration gets it!

  4. And now, the detangling of the con starts...

  5. From ceasefire to surrendering. So it's Miles and Parson's against the Rainlords, after this.

  6. Yep, Melchor does. That was supposed to be Xuan talking. My bad.

    Word salad on the second one, yeah. Both are fixed now, thank you.

  7. [Ibai was busy pulling off his pants.] Wait... what?
    Why is he doing that?

  8. I thought about providing clarification there, but you can probably figure it out from the context, and I just really liked that sentence being there on its own. Eheh.

  9. I think to give to Melchor, because presumably Ibai still has underwear, while Melchor doesn't, and there is a girl around.

  10. Ibai was busy pulling off his pants.
    To give to Melchor, I presume, but... now he's pantsless. Was he just imitating Ismael in that lovably clueless way of his?

  11. I keep rereading this page, I love it so much. Sooo funny! Ibai nonchalantly pulling off his pants, no explanation. And the end with Xuan and Melchor LOL! I'm reminded of Serpico from Berserk commenting on Guts, the main character, when he fainted (flat on his face, mind) after a particularly grueling battle:

    "Goodness, he seems to have gotten up solely for the sake of talking trash"


  12. That was at the end of the battle at the port where he fough alongside his one-horned rival XD!!
    And yeah, the end of that page made me laugh!!
    ...And I also have the bad feeling that I'm catching up more and more...

  13. You are catching up. As a wise reader once advised me, I shall now advise you. You might wanna take a week break or so, let the pages accumulate.