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Page 911 -- CIV.

You okay?’ Hector asked, mindful of Darktide’s bristling form.

Garovel did not answer.


Still nothing.

He supposed there was no use worrying about it now. Melchor seemed more interested in Xuan at the moment, but Hector knew he could turn and crush him anytime. But of course, given that Melchor didn’t know about the shield’s power or the temporary nature of it, the man was probably thinking Hector would be too annoying to kill first. Hopefully.

He watched as the two monstrous Rainlords clashed again. Xuan appeared to be keeping his distance this time, letting his smoke waft around more so that he could use it to screen his attacks. Pillars of white flame flashed intermittently, lighting up the foyer each time like a very slow strobe. And Melchor’s inhuman shadow appeared during each flash, sweeping across the smoke with a boom that invoked more earthquakes.

It was quite obvious to Hector that his role in their battle was concluded. He decided to go help Asad, who was still occupied with Ismael.

Theirs was a battle of more human proportions, though only just. Asad flipped through the air on clear platforms, hurtling glass boulders and molten quartz and inconvenient mounds of sand. Ismael proved quick on his feet, however, and with pan-forma, he could pick and choose which attacks to avoid while still drawing upon a plentiful supply of flesh for his potassium-fueled volleys of lavender fire.

Hector moved to intervene, but something else stopped their battle cold.

A brown shadow appeared in thin air, and from it, a smiling man stepped forth, along with a reaper and a young woman.

And even with the horns on her face, Hector immediately recognized her from her photograph.

He saw Ismael’s sunken eyes go as big as marbles.

Chapter One Hundred Four: ‘Chaos, be ended...’
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When Ibai saw his father there, he bit his lip. “Oh. Um. Hello, Papa.”

“Ibai!” the man yelled with two voices. “What are you doing here?!”

“Um. Frankly, I didn’t realize you were in this room.”

“You can’t be--! You have to leave now!”

“Aw, but I can help!” He looked toward the man with the tattoos. “Is that the guy you’re fighting? Mm, he looks scary. Here.” Ibai teleported behind Asad and wrapped his arm around the man.

“Behind you!” came someone else’s warning.

The Sandlord turned but not fast enough.



    *sobs in the corner at the cliffhanger*

  2. Honestly, from his perspective, this is completely justified, and not just by screwy aberration morality either - He's defending his father.
    Now, lets see if his instilled compunctions against killing extend to combatant enemy reapers...

  3. Ooh. Those character witnesses Ibai acquired in the last scene won't count for much if Hector and Xuan pulp him right now. *bites nails*

  4. Something I've been wondering for some pages -- didn't Axiolis accompany Hector? Not into battle, of course, but he should be floating around somewhere. With Zeff's head destroyed, Axiolis would be free to regenerate Zeff.

    Do reapers notice when their servant is dead? I mean, does Axiolis know that Zeff is no longer imprisoned?

  5. He went to Asad after Dergoz ambushed them, but I don't think he came to Marshrock with them. He probably peeled off at some point to join the Octavia's forces beseigeing Rheinhal, and he's probably already respawned Zeff and joined the fight.

  6. Asad is in pan-forma, can Ibai even rip his reaper from him?

  7. Don't worry: Ibai is in the business of nog doing what people expect him to do. (I'll start worrying when people start relying on him to be trustworthy... <_<)

  8. Here comes Hector's [Aberration Hunting Mode]
    Or at least that's what I'm hoping for.

  9. Well, I had hoped for a Big Damn Heroes moment for Zeff where he gets to save his children and stuff, but I guess killing all of house Blackburn would have been counterproductive story-wise.