Thursday, May 30, 2013

Page 68

Colt didn’t much care for the way Rofal’s men looked at him as he passed them in the hall. Whenever he caught one staring, he would meet their gaze evenly until they averted their eyes. Geoffrey was a different story, however.

“Mr. Colt! I was hoping to see you!” Geoffrey was a strange creature. Not yet a grown man, but he often wore tailored black suits and ties with even blacker undershirts. His dark hair was always sharply cut and combed, and his pointed eyebrows made him look perpetually and indignantly attentive.

Colt wondered if ignoring him would make him go away.

“I heard you killed five people the other day,” said Geoffrey. “How was it? Did they scream a lot?”

He figured not. “No. They didn’t even know what happened.”

“Ah. I see. Efficiency. That’s less fun, but I can appreciate the preference.”

Colt squinted at him as they walked. “What do you want, kid?”

Geoffrey’s brow receded a little. “Only to get to know you better, Mr. Colt. I like you. We’re kindred spirits, I feel. You’re not like the dullards my uncle usually has working for him.”

“The dullards I used to make a habit of killing, you mean.”

Geoffrey’s smile was full of teeth. “My uncle says you’re a true savage.”

“You should hear what he says about you.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“That you’re an irreverent pain in the ass with no mind for the consequences of your actions.”

Geoffrey laughed. “He worries too much. Still doesn’t trust me to handle my own affairs. Well, he’s only human, I suppose.”

It was then that Colt noticed Geoffrey was carrying something.

A severed human hand.


  1. Oh my! I wonder who the had belonged to. I shall have to wait till the next page, I suppose. Unless you are a truly evil author and shift to another part of the storyline.

    1. The next page does indeed say. I hope that doesn't ruin my evil author cred, though.

  2. Making a guess right now that Geoffrey is another Servant.

  3. Was just bout to say the same thing.

  4. Thank you for spoiling me. Even though I wasn't even talking to you. It's very much appreciated that you took time out of your day to squash an offhand theory. Give a pat on your back for that.

  5. No need to be mean. I didn't say WHAT he was, now did I? It was a simple comment. Besides, I figured you might have gotten far enough at this point that you wouldn't be spoiled.

  6. The thing is, I'm commenting as I read each page. So if my name isn't in the comment section, chances are I haven't gotten that far. Along the way, I'm making wild guesses or predictions and seeing if they come true. You telling me that I was wrong there spoiled my good fun. And really, if I did get far enough, then your post would have been useless as I would have already learned the truth on my own.

    It just...made no sense to me why you'd comment like that. My reply on your comment was in agreement and good natured. Contrast that with yours to mine. It just looked like you were trolling, so I responded with sarcasm.

  7. Nope, no trolling. And I haven't read through this in a while, so I had no way of knowing how far you were, since I was just looking at this page. I was being honest.

  8. Ok. A miscommunication. I'll take it as is.

  9. I accidentally clicked chapter 180 something so I have one thing to say: Fuck Geoffrey. So fucking hard. >:(

  10. You would be wrong.

  11. Jeez, talk about your Character Establishing Moment.