Friday, May 24, 2013

Page 57

Tell him you’re not mad.

“N-no... I'm not mad.”

“I didn’t ruin your shirt, did I?”

“I’ve, uh... I’ve had worse...”


“Well, uh, I’m Micah.”

“Yeah, I know. We... we, um... have a couple classes together.”

“Really? I never noticed. I guess that makes sense, though. You seem like the quiet type.”


“Yeah... I have a little trouble... uh... speaking my mind...”

A little, he says!

“You should come sit with me and my friends at lunch tomorrow. I’ll introduce you to everybody. Unless you’d rather not. It’s fine, either way. Hey, you alright? You look a bit red in the face.”

Hector averted his eyes.

“Whoa, are you blushing? I’ve never seen a black person blush before. That’s pretty awesome. Kinda hard to notice, at first. Holy crap, not anymore, though. You’re like a tomato, now.” Micah laughed. “Am I making it worse? Should I stop talking about it? I’ll stop talking about it.”

Hector just stood there awkwardly, fighting the urge to flee in abject horror.

“But, um, yeah. Come sit with us tomorrow. I promise not to throw things at you. Anyway, I gotta get going. Seeya later?”

He managed a nod. He leaned against the row of lockers after Micah was gone.

That went surprisingly well,’ said Garovel. ‘What do you think?

He’s way too friendly,’ Hector thought, wide-eyed. ‘This can only end in disaster...

Oh, just calm down, drama king. If you don’t like him, that’s fine. There are plenty of other people you can be friends with.

No, that’s not it at all... I mean... I’ve, um... uh...

C’mon. Spit it out. You can do it.

Please... stop... patronizing me... I’m trying my best here...


  1. Haha, I have Hector's problem, except but my cheeks are always red. So when I blush, it's a sight to see.

  2. “But, um, yeah. Come sit with us tomorrow. I promise not to throw things at you. Anyway, I gotta get going. Seeya later?”

    He managed a nod.

    the he is a bit confusing, muddies the transition. Changing it to Hector would be better.

  3. I just found this an am loving it so far.
    Interesting thing is that I am colorblind and can't see if someone is blushing. Sometimes I can tell based on how they are acting, but I can't see the changes in face color.

  4. Welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying. :)

  5. And that was good. I laughed so hard. Garovel's "Pfft" were just classic.

  6. Sorry, I'm with Hector on this one. That Micah is entirely too friendly. Yeah, there are kids like that but what would be the odds of finding one on the first try? I hope this goes well, and if it doesn't, I hope Garovel learns his lesson to mind his own business...

  7. Hector the black blushing drama king

  8. Actually, he came across as being pretty friendly during the food fight too and if he wasn't a nice person then Hector would have been able to think of an excuse to not talk to him.