Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Page 54

I thought you had leads to chase down at the police station,’ Hector said.

What, are you trying to get rid of me?

Y-you know I’m not...

Hmm. I guess I do.’ Garovel was quiet for a moment. ‘Honestly, I’m concerned about you. After what happened, I think you should rest a bit. We both should. Because if we go out there again, and things go badly again, I don’t want you to... well...

Lose hope?

Is that so ridiculous?

Hector eyed the other students on the bus. They were rowdy this morning, hassling the driver and throwing paper. ‘I’m terrified of making things worse again...

As am I.

He met Garovel’s gaze. ‘So... what, then? We just... we just wait?

Until we’re ready. Yeah. Rest is important, Hector, even for us. Take it when you can get it.

But school just seems so... insignificant, I guess. Like... why am I even bothering...?

I think you’re looking at this the wrong way.

It wouldn’t surprise me...

School is a respite.

Hector eyed the reaper doubtfully.

Comparatively, that is. You’re probably going to see many terrible things, Hector. But your time in school is a chance to relieve yourself of that mindset. For a little while, at least.


Moreover, school could be of profound help to us in the future.

Um... I find that hard to believe, Garovel...

Well, perhaps not the methods. Your grades are unimportant. For our purposes, you don’t need a well-paying job, and going to college would actually be a major hindrance. You won’t likely have enough time for proper studying, let alone sitting through lectures.

Hector laughed under his breath. ‘It’s a good thing my teachers can’t hear you.


  1. Ow. Garovel doesn't expect Hector to continue his education? But he expects him to have a family and such. Kinda contradictory there. A family would be as time consuming as college.

  2. Yeah, the reaper forgets stuff sometimes too, I guess.