Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Page 5

His eyes fell to the sink, to the razor blade in it. It seemed a strange way to die, suddenly, by way of such a small thing, a tiny strip of sharpened metal. But then, he supposed it hadn’t really been the razor so much as the long, vertical gashes along his arms, which were still there, though they didn’t seem to hurt at all. In fact, he couldn’t even feel them. He seemed capable of moving them just fine, but they were completely numb.

Hello, again,’ came a voice, and he turned to see a figure appear next to him, sitting there... floating there. A skeleton, it seemed to be, its bones emanating white from behind a shroud of the pitchest black he had ever seen. A scythe sat in its grip, the blade hanging low beneath its body.

Hector just kind of stared, wide-eyed.

No return greeting, huh? Well, fine.’ The skeleton’s jaw moved with its words, though Hector couldn’t understand how.

After a moment, he managed to conjure up a word of his own. “You’re...”

The reaper you were just talking to, yes. Nice to meet you. Officially, that is.

“You look... you look just like I imagined you would.” He blinked a few times. “Is this really happening...?”

Ah, right. My appearance.’ It gave a skeletal shrug. ‘Whatever you’re seeing, right now, it’s not really what I look like. In truth, I don’t actually look like anything.


Your brain forms an image of what I should look like and projects it onto my presence. Appearance is something for your physical reality, where I do not exist.

“I... don’t understand...”


  1. An interesting start. The dialogue between reaper and the recently deceased has me curious to see where this strange arrangement will take the main character. I like that you explained that the reaper's appearance is from Hector's mind and that the reaper could, in fact, look like anything depending on the person and only in our reality. I'm going to read on a bit...

    1. Reshri, The sneakiest guy on EarthSeptember 28, 2013 at 4:42 AM

      Welcome to the greatest thing ever.
      I mean ever.

    So if Garovel has a scythe, do all the other reapers have different implements, or is that hectors perception? Does that mean karkash sees a bunch of whales floating around with scythes?

  3. Hmm Hector is his name. Did he try to commit suicide?

    I like that you had the Reaper's appearance be determined by Hector's own perception. Reminds me of how Galactus (from Marvel Comics if ya dunno) says that humans can't percieve his form, all the purple (a color associated with royalty) is the closet approximation they can do.

  4. Ruined my exams... and university... and my life... well, yeah. I remember you from japtem by the way. Good to see you here.

  5. Ah I knew I've seen your name before! Other than me, you're the second Japtem User I know that's reading this series. I sincerely hope more people come over. This series deserves the attention

  6. I only discovered it through a comment there ^^" Somewhere on Arifureta v6ch1 iirc. Don't remember if it was you though :p We'll spread the word xD

  7. Lol I think it WAS me. I forgot the guy's name who introduced me to TZK but it was definitely on Arifureta comments sections. I ended up not liking Arifureta but I'm glad I started reading it if it meant I would eventually be lead here.

  8. I'm still recommending people to read the first volume of that one... and stop there, or prepare for a big disappointment. But the diest volume is absolutely magnificent.

  9. Lol, I remember Galactus being the page image for "A Form You Are Comfortable With" on TvTropes, which would be pretty fitting here. Edit: He's from "You cannot grasp the true form". AFYACW is sandals.

  10. Fucking TvTropes, man. Ruined my life lol

  11. I guess it's like a video-game sprite, a visible image representing a formless code object.