Sunday, April 7, 2013

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“Normally, you’d never know I was here, but I had to disturb you to ask a question.”

“...A proposition.”

“Right. See, as a reaper, I have the power to keep one servant, someone who will help me with various things.”

“Servant...? You want me to be your servant?”

“Servant, partner, friend, ally, whatever you wanna call it, but yes, that’s basically the idea. I’d revive your body, and you’d be able to live again, as long as you help me out. You died very young. I thought you might want a second chance, a chance to, perhaps, live a more fulfilling life.”

“More fulfilling...?”

“Was I wrong?”

“Well... no... but... you could really do that?”

“Yes. No one’s discovered your body, yet, so there’s no problem.”

“So... you could, like, make me into some kind of billionaire or something in my new life?”

“What? No, of course not. That’s not how it works.”

“Then what the hell were you talking about just now?”

“It’s like this: your body is dead, now, but I can revive it and reattach your soul. I can’t give you a brand new body and tons of money. That’d be crazy. I’m a reaper, not a friggin’ genie.”

“Oh... so I’d be living the same life as before...”

“Almost. Well. Kind of. I mean. Things could get a bit complicated.”

“...What the hell does that mean?”

“I wouldn’t revive you for no reason, of course. I’d want you to help me out, like I said.”

“...Help you with what?”

“Saving lives.”



  1. That's odd. At least on the mobile version of this site, the left arrow goes to the next page and the right arrow goes to the previous page. This is bass ackwards from every hypertext and webcomic I know, and I follow quite a few. If you want to keep the arrows in this reverse setup, perhaps you should add some text (Next, Previous).

    1. I've tried to change this before, actually, but Blogger wouldn't let me. I'll look into it again, though.

    2. There we go. Finally fixed this. Apologies to anyone who had already grown accustomed to it.

    3. The mobile version still makes the buttons look backwards, though. I JUST CAN'T WIN.

    4. Why win when you can compromise?

    5. Because I hate it when anyone other than me is happy.

    6. Even with teams? 0,o

    7. I have no concept of such a thing.

    8. Dandy, just making sure! =D

  2. Some good comedy here. I laughed at the genie joke.

  3. hah, dude it's funny I don't feel that 'forced' factor like in some other works. Down the rabbit hole we GOOoooo... (echo)