Sunday, December 8, 2019

Page 1954

Their conversation didn't last much longer after that. Hector went back to checking in on Warrenhold's facilities.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, for the most part. The kitchens were bustling with cooks. Deliverymen were arriving with food and supplies. Children were playing in the central courtyard. All the underground lights were still working. No one was getting attacked by bloodthirsty monsters or murderers.

That was pretty much all Hector wanted, when it came down to it. Everyone safe and fed.

But there was more to it, of course. The reconstruction effort was progressing at a remarkable pace now with so many of the Rainlords pitching in--and not just the ones who were servants, either. They had a few planners, organizers, and designers offering their expertise, as well. There'd been some disagreements a few days ago between the old crew and some of the Rainlords, but as far as Hector could tell, they'd sorted things out now, which was nice to see.

Either that, or they were just pretending to get along whenever he was around. That seemed quite possible, too. But maybe if he was around often enough, they would have to pretend to get along so much that they eventually would.

Whatever the case, they were already approaching the end of the renovations on the Entry Tower, and smaller teams had already branched off to begin working on the Bell Tower. Prevailing wisdom seemed to be that if Warrenhold ever came under attack, then a functional Bell Tower would be the next most valuable thing to have after a defensible Entry Tower.

Hector knew that he had one Rick Cortes to thank for much of the progress they were making. The man was a carpenter with some twenty years of experience under his belt, and being the husband of Zeff's sister, Joana, seemed to afford the guy an extra level of clout as well.

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