Saturday, November 16, 2019

Page 1921

The King took a deliberate breath. "I am saying there may be evidence--which I previously dismissed as mere superstition--that my ancestor used something from your realm of expertise in order to help secure Atreya's independence from the Mohssian Empire."

"Something like what?" said Hector.

"Some type of object, I think."

"Why do you think that?"

"Stories told among my family imply the existence of such an object. And more recently--" William reached into his coat and retrieved something. "--I discovered this."

It was a small, misshapen book, leathery and brown apart from the black edges on one side, where it looked like a chunk had been ripped out of it--or burned out, perhaps.

"The ancestor in question was named Charles Belgrant," the King said. "Unfortunately, this is not his journal. From what I have gathered, he may not have even known how to read or write, despite being the one who elevated my family into the upper class. Instead, this is the journal of his eldest daughter, Irina Belgrant."

Hector was sufficiently intrigued. "And what does it say?"

"Well, as you can see, it is somewhat... charred. I believe this was the result of the tragic fire which nearly ended my family's bloodline--and also burnt Belgrant Castle to the ground."

"Wow, uh... I'm sorry to hear that."

"As was I."

That last bit of information sparked an incredulous question from Hector. "How many times has that castle been destroyed, by the way?"

The man took a moment to think. "Four, I believe."

Hector's eyes widened a little. "Seriously?"

The man nodded. "But we are digressing. This journal, as you might imagine, gives only a partial picture of Charles' life and accomplishments, but having pored through its pages multiple times now, I can say with some confidence that it corroborates the notion that Charles was in possession of some type of special item--if only briefly. It also mentions him losing it, though the text is unclear as to when this occurred."

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