Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Page 1910

Gohvis decided to interject. "Why did you wish to speak with her? And more importantly, why did you invade her dreams instead of simply asking me to let you see her?"

'Would you have allowed me such a privilege?' the Weaver said.

Gohvis folded his arms. "She is here now, is she not?"

'With your supervision, yes.'

Gohvis was quiet a moment. "And why would my presence be such a bother?" His tone was only becoming more irate.

'Because, Master, you have a way of stifling discussion with your imposing disposition.'

"Mm, yes. Or perhaps you simply wished to play with her mind."


Emiliana was liking this conversation less and less by the second.

'Her brain DOES have a curious complexion to it,' said the Weaver, 'but do you think her so malleable as to be my plaything?'

"She is a child," said Gohvis.

'True. But stubbornness knows no age.'

Emiliana didn't much care for the way they were talking about her like she wasn't even present. And now Gohvis was giving her a look, as if he were reconsidering the Weaver's words.

She felt she had to say something before the lull in the conversation disappeared. "Why are you here in the dark, all by yourself?"

'I am sensitive to light,' said the Weaver. 'And it must be said, I am not very pleasant to look at. It is better for everyone this way. I do not wish to be seen.'

Emiliana could believe that. If the Weaver looked anything like that starfish monster from her nightmares, then it made sense. There was another thing that still didn't, though. "Why were you screaming at me in my dreams?"

'Screaming? I was not screaming.'

"Um, yes, you were. It was terrifying."

'Ah. That is very strange. I merely attempted to speak to you, as I am now. Perhaps your mind is even more curious than I thought.'

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