Monday, October 8, 2018

Page 1873

((Triple Monday -- Page 3 of 3))
Somehow, he managed to clink his glass against hers without the entire universe exploding.

He sipped his water quietly and tried to focus on keeping a clear mind. Clear like the water. Nice and calm. Nothing worth freaking out over. As peaceful as meditating.

“Are you okay?” said Lynn. “You seem a little...”

Oh fuck. A little, what? What was she about to say?


Agh. What in the hell did that mean? He needed more information. But that meant asking a question. Fuck! “...What do you mean?” he managed to ask without dying.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “You’re kind of... zen. Or something.”




“Also, what’re you wearing?” She touched the Scarf of Amordiin.

Hector was not concerned about her suddenly being overwhelming by its sensory enhancing properties, however. Previously, that had been a worry, but he had discovering during his sparring with Zeff that the Scarf didn’t work for other people. At least, as far as they had been able to tell. They hadn’t revealed its power to Zeff, nor did they wish to, but the Lord Elroy had definitely touched it several times and apparently not noticed anything strange.

Hector still wasn’t entirely sure why the Scarf didn’t work for other people, but Garovel seemed fairly certain that it was a matter of the Scarf only being able to bond with one soul at a time. Something to do with the way bodies functioned as conduits for soul. Hector hadn’t really followed the reaper’s explanation too well.

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