Monday, October 8, 2018

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“I take it you disagree?” said David.

Hector looked at her.

She looked back at him, perhaps thinking, then gave a small shrug. “I’m not a philosopher. It just seems... impractical, I suppose.”

“Mm,” was all David said.

She wasn’t wrong, Hector felt. Trying to get an entire nation to become pacifistic? Especially one as big and proud as Intar? Impractical wasn’t even the word for it.

He could only imagine what the Rainlords would think of that. Though, Intar had its own Rainlords, too, didn’t it? Now more than ever, he wondered what they were like.

David skewered a small slice of buttered duck with his fork. “So would you mind joining me on my next trip to Intar?” he asked.

Hector hadn’t forgotten the proposal. He’d been trying to work out an appropriate response in the back of his mind. “I, ah...” He looked toward Garovel, who was on the other side of the room, apparently eavesdropping on some of the lords’ conversations.

Hector supposed he would have to decide on his own. If he was being honest with himself, though, he already knew what he needed to say. “I’m sorry. I... don’t think I can leave the country, right now. I’ve got a lot, uh... that still needs taking care of here.”

The Prince frowned but nodded. “I see.”

After a moment of observing the man’s face, Hector reconsidered his answer. “But... I may be able to find someone else to escort you.”

“Oh?” said David. “Who, might I ask?”

That seemed to pique Lynn’s interest as well.

Hector recoiled from both their gazes a little. “Ah, uh--er--like I said, I may be able to find someone. I don’t, uh, have anyone in particular in mind yet...”

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