Monday, May 23, 2016

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Then, how the--?’ Hector needed a second to locate the question he wanted. ‘What? How are they alive, then?

They’ve got something that functions like a soul, at least for them. We call it “ardor.” Or “the planet force.” Because that’s where it comes from. It’s like a normal human soul, except MUCH more powerful.

Hector’s eyes widened as he let his imagination run with these ideas. ‘...I feel like you should’ve told me all this a long time ago.

Eh. What would’ve been the point?

I... well, I mean...’ He couldn’t find the words.

Anyway, golems are very strong. They’re pretty docile, though, so we generally don’t need to worry about them. In fact, occasionally, they’ve been known to protect humans.

For real?

Yep. But you know what we DO need to worry about? Worms.

Hector cocked an eyebrow inside his suit. ‘Worms?

Ugh. Worms are the worst. They have ardor, too, and they are definitely NOT friendly.

...Worms, though? How can a worm be dangerous?

Oh, you innocent child. Worms on the surface are harmless. The worst you’ve got are parasitic ones--which, admittedly, are not fun. But in the Undercrust... oh... Thankfully, the really big ones are rare.

Hector was almost afraid to ask. ‘How big are we talking, here?

Garovel paused, perhaps thinking it over. ‘What’s the biggest animal you know of?

Uh... elephant?

Bigger than that.

No, wait, uh. Blue whale.

Bigger than that. Well, longer, anyway. Maybe not heavier. Yeah, a blue whale is a decent comparison. They’re similar sizes.

How is that possible?’ said Hector. ‘I mean, what do they eat?



Including people and reapers.


Oh, and it gets better. Some can generate electrical currents so strong that they can barf lightning at you. Or acid. Or lightning AND acid--which can combust. And their bodies are all squishy and slimy and tough as hell, due to the ardor.

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