Sunday, May 22, 2016

Page 1217

I think the problem with that is their “sensing range,” as you put it,’ said Garovel. ‘Once they memorize your soul, they’ll be able to track you no matter where you go.

Hector paused again. ‘No, that doesn’t make sense.

Garovel gave him a look. ‘What do you mean?

Well, earlier, you said that if they sense us, they’ll try to kill us. So if their sensing range is like half the planet, then they should always be sensing tons of people.

No, when I said that, I meant “sensing us within their territory.” I’m sure their ability to sense souls goes beyond just their chosen territory. The fact that they usually keep away from cities is pretty strong evidence.

If that’s what you mean, then that’s what you should’ve said. How am I supposed to understand all these explanations that you love so much if you don’t say what you mean?

Alright, Captain Pedantry, calm down. I apologize.

Apology not accepted.

Wow, Hector.

Hector could feel the vigor wearing off. He’d needed it just to get inside the elevator. He was beginning to notice, however, that whenever the vigor wore off, it didn’t leave him feeling quite so exhausted as it used to. Perhaps his body was finally getting accustomed to it. Frankly, he thought it never would.

A different question popped into his head. ‘So, uh... are there any other terrible hellbeasts of the Undercrusts that I should know about?

Oh, definitely. A couple are even comparable to feldeaths, actually.

Are you serious? Like what?

Golems, for one. Rock beasts.

The fuck is a rock beast?

Exactly what it sounds like. A big ass monster made of solid rock.

Like a bunch of rocks held together by a soul?

No, they don’t have souls.’ Garovel paused for a pensive expression. ‘Or at least, not really.

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