Saturday, May 21, 2016

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The thing about feldeaths is that, as long as you don’t antagonize them, they’ll only take a swat at you. Like how a dog snaps at flies buzzing around its head. That’s pretty much how feldeaths see us, I’d wager. Annoying bugs.


They’re actually kind of animalistic, in many ways. Even though they’re arguably the deadliest creatures in the world, they’re not necessarily a big threat to humanity.

They aren’t? But couldn’t they just waltz into a city and kill everyone?

They could, and that’s what everyone worries about, but historically speaking, that’s an exceptionally rare occurrence.

It is? Why?

Well, for one thing, they tend not to wander around very much. They just kinda hang out in their own territory. And annihilate anyone that gets close.


Unfortunately, their territories can be pretty enormous. These days, though, Sai-hee famously devotes a lot of resources to keeping track of feldeath movements and protecting cities from them. The Vanguard helps out quite a bit, too--oftentimes, Sermung himself, as I understand it.

Hector couldn’t even imagine what a fight between a feldeath and an emperor-level servant would look like. ‘Geez...

Anyway, the takeaway from all this, is that you don’t want to attack a feldeath, even if you’re doing it defensively. Because that’ll make it mad at you, and if it gets mad at you, it’ll chase you. And you never wanna be chased by a feldeath. Ever.

Are they super fast or something?

Yes. But also, they don’t give up. They’ll chase you to the other side of the planet, if they have to.

Hmm.’ Hector paused, thinking. ‘That’s weird.

What is?’ said Garovel.

Well, uh... I mean, if you get far enough away, shouldn’t they give up? Like, once you’re out of their... sensing range... or whatever? They wouldn’t know where you are anymore, right? So how could they keep chasing you if they don’t know where to go?

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