Sunday, June 28, 2015

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In a flash, Ibai was in an empty corridor. The cool sandstone beneath his toes reminded him that he’d left without putting shoes on. It was too late now, he supposed, but he regretted not wearing socks at least. Now he couldn’t even pretend to be ice skating.

He knew his father and Rholtam would be hot on his heels, so he jumped again, this time two floors down, then once more into another hallway a couple rooms over.

“Oh, it’s you!” came a sudden voice. “Careful where you pop in, man!”

Ibai looked around, but no one was there. Nor should there have been. He was certain that he hadn’t seen any souls in this hallway when he teleported here.

“Running away, huh? Want some help?”

“Who’s talking?” said Ibai. “Where are you?”

“Oh, right.”

And abruptly, a ripple appeared in mid-air, distorting an area of Ibai’s vision for a moment before a young man’s face revealed itself. Then the neck, shoulders, and everything else followed. The clothes were clearly foreign--Steccati in origin, if Ibai wasn’t mistaken. That country’s attire was popular in movies, which was where this guy looked like he belonged. Ibai liked the sparkling jacket in particular.

“Sorry for the confusion,” the guy said. “We’re supposed to keep our presence hidden, but it’s okay now, because someone else already screwed up. I won’t get in trouble.”

Ibai returned a big smile. “My name is Ibai. What’s yours?”

“Reever,” he said, smiling similarly.

And Ibai’s gaze flickered as he realized. This man. Something about him. Already, Ibai was almost entirely certain that this person was an aberration. “You’re like me,” he said curiously.

“You can tell,” said Reever. “Well, of course you can. You must be a monster by now, huh? I’ve never met one of us who was as old as you.”



  2. Not a aberration vs aberration battle to mess things up evenly more?

  3. That might be a good thing if the Rainlords see that Ibai immediately attacked an aberration who had infiltrated their area and most likely belongs to Abolish.

  4. Hmm so it was an aberration behind all this (maybe)...

  5. Man I hope Hector is able to get back in time to convince everyone that Ibai is innocent. I was looking forward to a good aberration and was hoping he'd join the team. Oh and thanks George.

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  7. Another abberation huh? Will this one be like Ibai or Geoffrey? Or maybe somewhere in between.

  8. lol, from that conversation abberations die young always. Maybe because he is so old he is different.

  9. Um, I think you'll find he's not quite using the Bumper Monster Funbook like you think, guys. ;P

  10. Typo:
    "In [a] flash, Ibai was in an empty corridor."

  11. Just calling my guess now: Ibai ends up defeating Reever in a fight and does at least one of making him stop using his power to help Hector's opponents, eating him and gaining his shadow strength and his power, or capturing him and turning him in as proof of his innoncence.
    On a mostly unrelated note, I wonder why they didn't use decent level servants for the thing that grants a massive advantage to anyone using it. Is it a limitation of the tech that it can't be used with a powerful soul, or are they just stupid? considering Voreese's comment about "50% chance of one of the dumbest mofos on the planet" it could go either way.