Monday, June 29, 2015

Page 1051

Rather than responding, Ibai merely broadened his smile.

“By the way,” Reever said, “why have you been letting these people hold you captive? We’ve all been wondering what you were even doing here.”

We?” said Ibai. “There are more aberrations here?”

“Oh yeah. There are six of us. All with Invisibility like me. You wanna--?” Reever broke himself off to stare behind Ibai, then said, “Oh, come on. Those buttholes out front already screwed up the mission for everyone. No way things’ll stay quiet until the Saqqafs show up, so we might as well take this guy with us now.”

“Who are you talking to?” said Ibai.

“Oh, right, here.” Reever waved his left hand, and another figure was revealed, this time behind Ibai.

“No, you idiot, don’t--!” the new person was saying as the invisible facade fell away, but as soon as he realized that Ibai was looking at him, he shut his mouth.

“Hello there,” said Ibai. “And what’s your name?”

The man frowned but still said, “Arnold. Nice to meet you.”

After a second, Ibai noticed the toy figurine floating behind the man’s back. A reaper. So Arnold was not an aberration, then. Ibai was getting the distinct impression that these folks were not supposed to be here. “So why have you come to Dunehall? And why were you hiding?”

“It’s complicated,” said Reever. “Anyway, how about I help you get out of here? With my power, even reapers won’t be able to sense your presence.”

Ibai bobbed his head. “You don’t say. How many people can you conceal at one time?”

“Me? Only about fifty or so, still. But I’m working on it.”

Arnold shifted his feet. “Why don’t we talk about this somewhere else? It’s not safe here.”


  1. There ya go Ibai. Gather all the intel you can :)

  2. "only" 50. Jesus. Lets see.... Dozer, Morgunov, Gohvis, (47 less powerful mooks) who can instantly launch assassination attempts/surgical strikes from thin air? Gamebreaker mode activate!

  3. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomJune 29, 2015 at 4:06 AM

    Ibai the double agent
    You've seen him drive his parents mad
    Astonish his peers....
    Now be prepared to witness him fool his enemies in the most dangerous Gambit he's ever played!

    Coming soon to a theatre near you......

  4. Well, I sincerely hope he gets himself killed thanks to telling Ibai all this. And, every bone ground to meal and scattered to the four winds. o.O

  5. Typo:
    "even reapers won’t be able [to] sense your presence."

  6. Dafuq?!

    One of those aberrations can cloak fifty?! And there's six of them there?! That's not fair at all!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  7. How to end the world:
    1. Have this 'Reever' guy on your side.
    2. Do whatever the F*ck you want.

  8. Okay, I guess I was wrong about the source of the invisibility. And, holy shit that's a terrifying group. I wonder if we'll next be horrified by the revelation that anybody an Invisible person kills is eaten by the aberration.


    Ibai: Are any more of your friends here?
    Reever: No, just me an Arnold.
    Ibai: Cool. (grabs them both and teleports) Hey Papa, look who I just met!

  9. He would only need to bring the heads.

  10. I think it'd be cool if Hector wound up with an Invisibility bone. He's a pretty bad enemy already, imagine how much damage he'd do if he could hang around and observe his enemies and plan things out for a while before starting the party.

  11. Six people there. All made invisible by him. I assume...

  12. "Only 50" .... we need to talk about the definition of "only", seriously.
    But nice to hear that Hector is a wrench in their plan. :D

  13. I'd be worried that others could get hold of it... >_< That's the downside of aberration muti. :P

  14. Depends how good the invisibility is at level 1. I don't think that Hector would like feeding the thing souls.

  15. Well when most of the people in the conflict are immortal fifty is kinda low.

  16. Whaddaya mean at level 1? Aberration bones carry as much power as they had when the aberration died, that's why Octavia's black hole sword is so terrifying.

  17. ??? One, he's talking about number of people not age, two, aberrations are not immortal and in fact almost always die young, and three, even among servants fifty is above average (remember, it's the low end of pan-rozum age).

  18. Oh my Ibai what have you gotten yourself into now?

    Caught up again after giving it a few months, now to try my lamest to forget this for awhile.

  19. I don't know if fifty years of age is below average for servants. I don't know if we've heard any word on that, but the important servants that most people are going to think of, in verse, are much older and will skew peoples perceptions.

    But yeah he was talking about number of people. My bad.

  20. Ahhh I didn't ever really think of that. So yeah that would be pretty awesome.