Monday, June 1, 2015

Page 1038

All things considered, Parson felt that Sair was on the right track now--not the safest track, perhaps, but the correct one. That was something so few of these political types seemed to comprehend. Always worried about avoiding conflict, but sometimes, conflict was necessary. Sometimes, a little bloodletting now prevented future disaster.

And Jackson was not a stupid man. Or even an incompetent one. But that was the kind of hard truth that the Radiant Sentinel would never be able to accept. As much respect as Parson had for this man, as much as the Vanguard needed more people like him, there were still some things that Jackson needed to be kept in the dark about. For the good of all.

“The other marshals will never agree to stop Blacksong,” said Parson. “Isn’t it about time you got on board with everyone else? Even your wife has a horse in that race.”

“That may be true,” said Jackson, “but Sanko is free to do as she pleases.” His expression hardened. “You, however, are not.”

Parson realized where this was going and had to stop himself from wincing.

“I have a job for you,” the Sentinel said, reaching down beneath his desk. He pulled out a box, and from it, he retrieved a pen and notebook and pushed them both toward Parson. “Actually, I have several jobs for you, but first, you will provide a full report of your activities in Sair. Spare no details.”

Parson frowned. Of course it would have to be handwritten. If it was sloppy, Jackson would no doubt force him to rewrite it. Or perhaps the marshal would just “accidentally” light it on fire.

“Once that’s done,” Jackson went on, “you will be handling the local call-ins and write-ins. You will investigate every request thoroughly, no matter how trivial it might seem. The point of this, in case that is not already clear to you, is to remind you of who it is the Vanguard is protecting. I’m sure a bit of time at the bottom of the ladder will do you some good. And of course, I will be expecting full reports on each of your investigations. Additionally--”

Parson’s frown only deepened as he listened. If he had one weakness that he’d never quite been able to overcome, it was paperwork. And boy, did Jackson love his paperwork.


  1. For a man that causes flammable things to realize their true potential by accident, Jackson sure likes his paper-pushing...

  2. Two things to say. One, Jackson and Sanko are married? Two, I fucking love Jackson

  3. Ok, fuck, I was having trouble deciding who I liked more of the top ranks, Sanko or Jackson. To hear that they're married, damn you, Frost 😂

    Also, that punishment was cruel and usual. Nice going, Jackson!

  4. Nícolas Sagrillo de AraújoJune 2, 2015 at 7:34 AM

    Doesn't that mean the trouble of deciding who is better is over? JackSan all the way!
    On an unrelated note, that couple name has to change.

  5. You can't spell Jackson without Sanko, just remember that :)

  6. You deserve a cookie, good sir. I didn't even see that

  7. I definitely prefer Jackson. I get a definite sense that Jackson is not only as intelligent and honorable as Sanko, he is also tolerable to be around, unless you are Parson, who kind of deserves that kind of treatment. I wonder if he is demanding the report to cross-reference with what Sanko heard from him to spot any inconsistencies. Considering that he seems to trust and like Parson about as far as a normal person could throw him, I wouldn't be surprised. Of course, he might not suspect at all and might just be tormenting him for his own amusement and to official lesson in humility.

  8. Rereading this arc, I've realized that I confused Jackson with Lamont. That's what was keeping me from liking Jackson more than Sanko, since I thought Jackson had betrayed Sermung, but it was allegedly Lamont (though, this is all from Parson's mouth and we all know how reliable that is!).