Friday, February 13, 2015

Page 982

I didn’t realize that qualified as a kind of fun,’ said Hector.

Oh, sure. Like mountain climbing. Or skydiving. Or playing that version of rock-paper-scissors where the loser gets kicked in the testicles.

...I knew some guys in middle school who did that last one.


...I did it, too, actually. I was part of their group.

The reaper paused. ‘You’re fuckin’ with me.

Hector flushed a little and covered his embarrassed smile with one hand. ‘Sadly, I’m not...

Wow. I bet that was a learning experience.

You could say that...

These weren’t the kids from the carpentry club, were they?

Oh, no. Carpentry club was high school. These guys were middle school.

Right. And these idiots were your friends?

I wasn’t... I mean, they weren’t... ah... Yeah, pretty much.

What happened to them?

Well, one moved away. One got expelled for punching a teacher. And the last one got sent to juvie for setting the school on fire.

What the fuck?

I don’t think he meant for it to get that big. And nobody got hurt. He was just kind of a pyro and...

And a dumbass?

Well... yeah.

Garovel snorted a laugh. ‘I’m seeing you in a whole new light, Hector. Were you a troublemaker, too?

I, uh... I tried to be, but I wasn’t very good at it.

Oh, well, now I need details.

Ah... okay.’ Hector took a breath and scratched his chin. ‘One time, I tried to steal a pack of cigarettes from a guy. I accidentally took his wallet, instead. I felt so bad that I just pretended he’d dropped it and gave it back to him.


He gave me twenty troas.

Garovel snorted again. ‘Smooth. What other terrible crimes have you committed?

Uh... I put graffiti inside a public bathroom.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. It said, “Wait here if you wanna see some real shit go down” and had a picture of a dude pooping.

The reaper laughed publicly this time and drew glances from the others in the car. ‘You didn’t really do that, did you?

I thought it would get me in trouble! That was the whole point! Then I saw a fucking cop walk in. He asked if I was the one who did it. I said yes. He just laughed at me, took a really loud dump, and left.

Knowing you, I one hundred percent believe that story.’


  1. I said yes, expecting to be arrested like some kind of hardened [of] criminal.

  2. This is hilarious.

  3. Finally we learn his DARK PAST!

  4. He tried to be rebellious, but he failed.
    I'm sad about it.

  5. I'm trying to picture Hector doing this and I'm having severe trouble...

    Was hilarious, though.

  6. I'm wondering if any of Hector's past 'crimes' were in any way related to those (if any) of the author, or his friends.

  7. If I was the cop I would sing:
    "I am the great mighty poo, and I'm gonna throw my shit at you..."

  8. What came out was shitty

  9. Seriously, Mr Frost :D!!! I was eating, and instead of being disgusted I almost choked with my food because I was laughing XD!!!

  10. I'm amazed Hector went that far in trying to be bad. He's just so shy that he seems like he would be incapable. Though if he wanted attention enough I guess it's possible, they do say "actions speak louder than words."

  11. Oh dear god, Mr Frost, you never fail to amaze. It makes sooooo much sense for Hector to be a wannabe-trouble maker.
    It is so great to finally see someone noticing the problem with almost all good and kind people. They are all dreaming to be bad, cause its way more fun. But they can't. Because they are good. But the media always portrays goodness as something one-sided.
    Sorry I'm rambling all over the comments, its just hit close to home. :))

  12. I'm in the shower reading the comments on my phone, I started laughing at this and now my little brother is asking if I'm crazy through the bathroom door. Worth it.

  13. Very dark. xD

  14. Not mentioned: the days, no: weeks, of planning and hesitating. :D

  15. You probably are crazy, but its still worth it.

  16. You would be amazed at what people will do trying to get acceptance or attention, especially if they have been deprived of it their whole life like Hector had. Either it made him look "bad" in the eyes of his peers, gaining him acceptance, or he got in trouble, and someone would at least make note of his existence.

  17. This chapter was arollercoaster from start to finish.
    I love it.

  18. Was something changed entirely? I looked through the entire page and used the find function, and I can't seem to find the place where the corrected line would be.

  19. Oh yeah, I ended up rephrasing. Now Hector just says "I said yes," instead.