Sunday, February 1, 2015

Page 972

You should give Lynn a call,’ said Garovel, still privately.

Hector pressed his lips together flatly.

Don’t you want to know how things went in Kuros? And how she’s doing? And what she’s wearing?

Hector just sighed and rubbed his brow with one hand.

Seriously, though, you should call her. She might be able to give us an idea of what’s going on with the Sandlords.

She might’ve already returned to Atreya,’ said Hector.


Hector paused. ‘Uh... how are WE gonna get back to Atreya, by the way?

Garovel shrugged. ‘Asad seems pretty rich. Maybe he has a jet we can borrow.

Who the fuck would let anyone “borrow” a jet?

Well, maybe a motorcycle, then.


Come to think of it, you should probably call Amelia, too. Seems like we might not return to Warrenhold for a little while.

That brought up a question that had been lingering in the back of Hector’s mind. ‘Ah... how long are we going to stay with these people, do you think?

Not sure.

It’s just... after we get to this Moaban place, uh--I mean, then what? We can’t just stay with the Rainlords indefinitely...

Garovel made no response.

Er--I’m not saying I wanna abandon them or anything,’ Hector added. ‘It’s just, uh... ah--

I know,’ said Garovel.

Do you have a plan?’ Hector asked, fishing into his pocket for his phone.

Well, I’d like Chergoa to return with us,’ the reaper said. He threw a look toward his sister, who was busy hovering around Emiliana. ‘But that seems unlikely, at the moment. I’m hoping I can find a way to convince her.

...What if you can’t?

Garovel gave an echoing sigh. ‘Then I guess we’ll just have to go our separate ways again. But at least she’ll know where to find me, if she needs to. I suppose that would be enough.

Hector frowned. He hated feeling so helpless, but he didn’t see much point in pressing the issue. He found Lynn’s number and called her.

She answered after a few rings. <“Hector?”>

Predictably, he had trouble responding.

<“...Are you doing that thing you always do, or did the call actually drop?”>

“N-no, I’m here.”

<“Okay, good. What’s up?”>

Again, no words came out.

<“...Good goddess, Hector. Come on.”>

“Ah--sorry. I was just... uh, wondering, um... ah... I, er...”

<“...You were just wondering what?! Don’t say something like that and then leave out the important part!”>


  1. Well, I'm pretty sure I was here first. :)

  2. Wow just checking and was only off by few min. Anyway what was Lynn doing anyway... I already forgot

  3. Bodyguard of Meryweather, or Mayweather?

  4. Oh yeah... Why is none of the actual bodyguard stuff shone. Was that role just to get him to encounter the rainlords. I feel like this trip was a set up by the author!

  5. There were plenty of characters being followed at the same time, already.

  6. Its been to long since Hector destroyed a motorcycle.

  7. Did i beat the record?

  8. Talking to Hector was the hardest thing to do.
    They should just message each other.

  9. You would think that, but if you take into account time zones he might have beaten you by an hour.

  10. I think the bodyguard stuff was just for formality.

  11. You realized you just kicked at a largely meaningless joke done in good fun for the sake of sounding smart right?

  12. Also depends how you define "here". geographically, foster is likely somewhere Frost has never been, if you mean on this site in general, Frost had to have been here first because its his site, but if you mean this page then you get to argue pointlessly about time zones.

  13. Nice one my lord!

  14. I didn't think of that!!! ... ... Neither did Hector!!
    And I love how Lynn is getting used to it, kinda :D

  15. Yay! Lynn's in the picture. TBH, I'm not liking the whole Vanguard Rainlord thing too much. Unless they're gonna join Hector indefinitely... But I often feel that way for characters getting too much screen time and then disappearing. Like in Sword of Truths... dear lord, so many wasted potential me thinks.

  16. Very nice story here.
    I just read all 972 pages in 2 days and its really amazing.
    I have just one question that bothers me ever since abolish was first explained dont they have nukes ? Because it would be strange if they didnt use them.

  17. They don't need Nukes when they have their own servants powerful than what a nuke can do.

  18. But Servants need years to get to that level of power while they could build lots of nukes and simply kill everyone.

  19. But it's free. No materials are needed.

  20. It wouldn't really be as simple as "launch nukes, everyone dies." The Vanguard and Sai-hee and the Rainlords and the Sandlords and lots of other yet-to-be-introduced groups/individuals would have something to say about that.

    But yes. It is a thing. And it will be addressed in due time.

  21. ...
    Already having couple arguments?
    Damn it Frost. Now I'm back to Hector x Lynn.

    Oh and to do with the discussion on the previous page: Top Web Fiction and FictionPress (although the only story on it that I found that really interested me was Mother of Learning) are the only places I know of to look for new web serials. You authors all saying to vote on it is how I originally found your serial (Someone recommended Worm to me, and when I was nearing the end I noticed TWF and checked what it was).
    So, PESTER US ABOUT VOTING MORE! It's good advertising for the site, hopefully making more web serial authors aware of it, and good for you when people see The Zombie Knight in the rightful place of #1, start reading it and become hooked, hopefully making you richer. Cha-Ching.

  22. I can't help but wonder when Desmond and Karkash will be coming back, because we're pretty sure they're still alive since when what's his name light guy merged with his reaper Karkash flew off and Desmond's reaper was out of there so it remade him. Then they headed off somewhere together. SO I'M STILL WONDERING WHERE THEY ARE NOW. ARE THEY GONNA BE BIG PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE?! PLEASE SAY YES, I LOVE DESMOND. And Karkash is pretty cool too with his lightning and electro magnetic fields.

  23. From the beginning, Lynn didn't seem to have much problem with it. I think cause she is also not one for talking much. I think Helen made the same parallel

  24. I wonder if they can ACTUALLY convince Chergoa to come with them. That will add a definite spin to the story with Emiliana and Hector becoming close and together way more often. (And I don't mean sexually).

  25. Remember the abolish who are currently attacking the Sandlords. Yes, it is them. They are apart of it.

  26. The only way for Chergoa to come with Garovel is through Zeff. They need to convince Zeff to live with them.

  27. As much as she's quiet, its definitely more of a Dimas kind of quiet than a Hector kind. I think Lynn is just patient with him because he's a decent guy and wants them to have at least a decent working relationship. Kind hard to tell what she thinks of anything more, and whether she realizes that Hector has a crush on her. It seems pretty obvious to everybody else except Garovel (it baffles me how clueless he was), but then again the only person who has outright said anything to her is the Queen, and she was being obnoxious enough that Lynn might have ignored her completely.

  28. Not necessarily. Emiliana and Chergoa can do what they want, and Zeff probably won't tell them no. I got a definite sense that he was more concerned with her being happy than with her becoming a Rainlord hero at least right away. The sticking point would be her boyfriend. He has roots in the local community much more than Em does.

  29. I think the scarier thing is powers that can do really nasty stuff, like Dimas. I don't really know how close he is, but there is a definite point where he could use his power to create soul-empowered conversion bombs. He's on the good side, but there's bound to be at least a few villains with the right power to do similarly devastating things.

  30. I was just making my own joke. And I do acknowledge that yours was clever.

  31. This. I hate how plot slows when more PoV's are introduced.

  32. I really, really hope Asad is smart enough not to trust him with a jet. I doubt it would last even as long as Roman's did.

  33. It occurs to me that, while the rank-and-file of Abolish seem to be either fundamentalist evilists or psychopaths, we haven't actually met any of their superiors, who might be more interested in consolidating power than destroying everything. In fact, it almost seems like their occasional half-hearted attempts to destroy the world are more a concession to the rank-and-file than anything.

  34. They... kinda mattered for an entire 2 Oaths. And will matter again in the future, methinks, given the fact that Chergoa and Garovel are back in contact.

  35. Well, he might trust him with a jet and a pilot. Don't have to trust an amateur that way, and you have someone to fly the plane back afterwards. And I don't think Hector has any enemies that would spend a SAM on him.