Saturday, November 29, 2014

Page 891

As Xuan eyed the apparent gunman, he burst into a laugh that had the deep rumble of a man thrice his size. “I’ve never had the honor--no, the pleasure--of meeting House Blackburn in real battle. And seeing as you’ve refused every chance at clemency, I hope--” He paused, perhaps to see if someone was going to shoot him again. “--I hope you won’t disappoint me. I haven’t had any good mayhem in a while, and I hate when my opponents die too quickly.”

That made Hector blink, along with everyone else in the room--including Melchor, Salvador, and even Dimas, the Seadevil’s own cousin.

They did not have long to be surprised, however.

Xuan and Duvoss chose that opportunity to converge. In an instant, the little Rainlord’s body disappeared within a column of white smoke, billowing up and out in a way unlike any smoke Hector had ever seen.

And chaos erupted. Gunfire rang out from all around, as did the piping reverberations of destruction users, and Hector decided that staying in one place was a bad idea.

Stay close to Asad,’ Garovel told him coolly.

Hector concurred. The lone Sandlord launched up to the second floor’s gallery amidst a flurry of bullets, explosions, and shattering quartz, and Hector followed.

Their first opponent, Hector recognized straight away. That was the face of Ismael Blackburn, Lord of Marshrock. The man’s file said his ability was potassium transfiguration, which now manifested in the violet flames leaping from Ismael’s body and shooting toward Asad like a volley of arrows.

Rather than stopping the flames with a wall, Asad doused them completely with a blanket of sand, allowing Hector to push closer with shield and materialized spear in hand.

Ismael severed a forearm and retreated, and Hector certainly did not need to be told why.

The shield took the explosion well, though the force still sent Hector flying. He grabbed the guardrail to catch himself, but it snapped right off and came with him, all the way to the other side of the chamber where his armored body left an impressive crack in the far wall.

For a second, he didn’t know where Garovel was, and then he realized that the reaper had somehow wriggled into his armor and latched onto his back. ‘Er--you okay in there?

It’s actually quite cozy,’ said Garovel. ‘Wish I’d thought of this earlier. Careful on your right.

Lord Salvador was there, dealing with three Blackburns all by himself.


  1. Another episode of "Hector is well equipped enough to survive! Barely!"

  2. Kensei Seraph No DA:I spoilersNovember 29, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    "... Asad doused completely them ..."
    Swap "completely" and "them".

    Thanks for the page.

  3. DANGIT KENSEI. Ever since I found this comic I've been trying to catch a mistake before someone else and YOU TOOK THAT ONE AS I TYPED IT.

    I curse you and your descendants.

  4. Kensei Seraph No DA:I spoilersNovember 29, 2014 at 4:18 AM

    Maybe there's another less obvious one you can find if you look hard enough.

    There isn't!

  5. Don't feel bad. I love all of my readers equally. Just 'cuz someone catches a typo for me doesn't make them one my favorites 'r anything. Haha. It's not like I'd think they were better than everyone else or make a secret shrine to them in my basement. Hahaha. THAT WOULD BE SILLY. I MEAN, WHAT KIND OF WEIRDO WOULD I HAVE TO BE IN ORDER TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT? AHAHAHA... *weeps softly*

  6. Why do I get the impression that Garavel has just found an excuse that could, maybe, cover minor mergers and extra boosting?

    "I was hiding in his armour as it makes a useful space to be in. I've done before." Partial truth.

  7. You know, this would be SUCH a confusing page for anyone who hadn't read through the rest of the story.

  8. So it would. I hadn't really considered it, but yeah, this is the reason that you don't start reading something like TZK from the current page.

  9. So Xuan can do scary. I was expecting that he would be all undignified silliness even when he was in the middle of a tough fight.
    I wonder if he really is as much of a psycho as he just made himself out to be, or if he just wanted maximum intimidation value.

    Did Xuan merge with his reaper to get the deep booming laugh from his hyperstate voice, or is he just doing that naturally. However he's doing it, he seems like he could creep out a Morgunov Abolisher.

  10. Uh-huh. Tell Tyrion Lannister that dwarfism has to come with silliness when you want to pull the frighteners on people... ;P

  11. It's the price of an original, interesting magic system.

  12. Apparently during merging and stuff like that takes time and time alone. No amount of fighting or talent should be able to increase the rate at which the servant and reaper sync up. So if that does become necessary Hector is a lot more powerful than previously thought.

  13. Yeah, I know. But, Garavel is well aware that Hector and he have been fast-tracking things.

    Are you going to tell me he's not pegged the growth rate after all his centuries of experience? And, if so... would you like to take a bet on a few odds and ends? I give good odds, never welch... and would happily walk away with your money. ;)

  14. Well, what are the benefits of a long time as a servant, and pan-forma? Increased durability - get Asad to bulk up the armour and hope you don't get crushed anyway. Increased ability - emergence. Soul-sight - Garry can peer around the edges of the visor. Dual-voice speaking - just be quiet, and coordinate any words with private soul-speak. Super regeneration - lol he's screwed, better hope he doesn't take any paths of destruction/spikes/acid/energy in the skull.

  15. I wasn't saying he shouldn't be scary because he isn't tall, just that it doesn't fit with his past behavior. He was friendly, goofy and undignified before, and now he seems like the kind of guy that makes Morgunovs and Aberrations back away slowly.
    I totally don't mind short people, or even think that they can't be terrifying. In general, someone short won't be as intimidating as someone taller, but someone who knows how to be scary can be scary no matter what their height, especially in TZK where physical appearance has more or less zero impact on power.
    Just the mental intimidation of his age, power and reputation would be scary enough, but coupled with that line he just used about dying quickly he becomes absolutely terrifying.

  16. Frosty....George.....Mr.Frost....what should we call you? Anyhow, your donate page is broken, I just get lost in an endless loading screen and can't proceed. Anyone else notice this?

  17. Or when he needs to pretend they're much older and actually are merged

  18. Well I guess I'll try again than.

  19. That, too. Wheels within wheels. xD