Friday, November 7, 2014

Page 874 -- C.

Chapter One Hundred: ‘How the Wind doth rise...’
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Lawrence’s small office had begun to feel a bit cramped. Physically, only he and Parson were present, but the two reapers appeared to occupy plenty of additional space with their silent tornado bodies. There was also the matter of Dergoz’ yelling.

I know it was your doing! You’re behind this somehow!

Rather than responding, Parson seemed more interested in savoring the taste of his ice cream sandwich.

Overra answered for them. ‘“Somehow,” huh? Well, in spite of that very compelling, evidence-laden accusation, I’m afraid I’ll have to go ahead and deny it.

It’s painfully obvious!’ said Dergoz. ‘How stupid do you think we are, exactly?! It’s no secret that you and Parson held this position before Lawrence and I did! Your affection for the Rainlords has clouded your judgment!

Parson decided to interject now. “We don’t really have time for this now, do we? The Rainlords--”

Shut up!

Parson frowned and went back to his treat.

Parson and I were busy defending the western perimeter. You can confirm with Corporal Rofal, if you like.

Lawrence wasn’t sure what to make of the circumstances. He was mainly just glad to not be the target of Dergoz’s ire for a change. Freeing Zeff had actually crossed his mind before, but pulling it off with Dergoz constantly attached to him would have been nigh impossible. If Parson and Overra really were responsible, then Lawrence would be impressed.

What Dergoz had yet to tell them, however, was that they’d already caught the supposed culprit. Lieutenant Colonel Adam Leroy was the one who actually destroyed Zeff’s head, and the guards had only just managed to prevent him from destroying that of Zeff’s son as well--not that it would have made much difference, since they had the boy’s reaper in custody, too.

Regardless, that didn’t seem to be good enough for Dergoz. As far as subordinates went, Adam and his reaper had never proven themselves as anything more than blunt instruments. Good at following orders and not much else. The only reason they’d achieved a higher rank than Zeff and Axiolis was because the Elroys decided to raise so many children.

Which was another thing. Where was Mariana in all this? According to the watchmen, she’d somehow killed six highly trained servants by herself and escaped, which was almost as surprising to Lawrence as the fact that she had apparently conceded the responsibility of reclaiming the rest of her family to the other Rainlords.


  1. A hundred chapters. So that's a thing.

    Gonna have another page for you in a few hours.

  2. "Lawrence’s small office had begun to feel a big cramped." Change big to bit.

  3. Does the story have a planned end? Or are you just sort of going with the flow? Or do you have the end in mind are are just working your way through the middle to the end?

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  5. Well, we still have to find out what's happening under the crust, what Sermung is REALLY up to, and the true nature of the Void.
    Also, congrats! We'll stick with ya, Frosty, thick and thin.

  6. I understand that there's middle stuff we have to work through, but I just wanted to ask frost if he had that stuff planned out yet. Idle curiosity and all that.

  7. I do have an idea of the ending, yes. We're nowhere near it, though, if that wasn't already apparent.

  8. Why does Lawrence put up with being Durgoz's slave? The whole point of servanthood is to shape the world to your vision, and try to make it a better place. If you are forced to do things that you know are evil, it would be better to just imprison Durgoz, and if that can't be done, kill him and end his second life with a heroic sacrifice. I know that's certainly what I would do.

  9. Dergoz's main (and oft-repeated) threat is to release Lawrence's soul. Maybe Lawrence just has a very strong fear of true death.

  10. Corporal Rofal

    I seeing a name I don't like.