Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Page 873

Miles zipped away from most of the assault, endured the rest, and counterattacked with a storm of his own. The resultant explosion made the ground tremble even from this distance, and a thin tornado swirled into existence around Miles, ripping up more of the city.

Dunstan could not keep watching, however. He had to keep an eye on the rest of the battlefield. If the clash with Miles was somehow a diversionary tactic, then Dunstan would not allow it to work. But his caution proved needless, as he didn’t see any other disturbances.

Then the analogue bell inside the Keep went off.

Dunstan held his position, knowing it was not his job to deal with whatever the problem was. He did, however, ask Reza for an update. ‘What’s happening?

Shut up, I’m looking into it.’

And again, he found himself waiting.

Cpt. General Miles got back to Dunstan before Reza did, arriving inside another rumbling gale. The man’s shredded clothes barely clung to his body now, and his airman’s overcoat was still smoldering with blackened stains. “Yep,” he said in the dual voice of pan-rozum. “That was definitely a trap.”

Dunstan’s brow receded. “A-are you alright, sir?”

“Oh, sure, don’t worry about us. We could really go for an ice cream sandwich, though. Think we’ll go get one from the kitchen. You want anything?”

“Er, n-no thank you.”

“You sure? Not even a drink? A bag of chips? One of those giant pretzels, maybe? Do we have those things?”

“Sir, the emergency alarm is going off.”

“Ah. So it is. Guess we’ll look into that, afterward.” He allowed a beat to pass. “So did you want a snack or...?”

“No, sir, I’m fine.”

Miles stared at him. “...We’ll get you something, anyway.” And he was gone again, leaving his residual gust of wind behind as usual.

Dunstan wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or worried. When he looked back at the enemy’s location, he saw a street riddled with blood and body parts.

Well,’ came Rezamaar’s voice, ‘I found out what all the commotion is about.

Tell me.

Someone managed to break into the freezer and destroy one of the captive Rainlords’ heads.

Dunstan’s eyes widened. ‘Which one?

I’m listening for that answer now. Sounds like... oh shit. It was Zeff. They fucking freed Zeff Elroy.


  1. let hell break loose


    Time for some bitches to pay for his dead wife!

  3. Yes. FUCK YES. This is where we want the story to go. Bring iron walls and quartz-lined graves, icebergs borne on tidal waves, and ready to the Blue Bear save, beneath the rain.

  4. o man Zeff is back!

  5. Extra word? "made the ground tremble at from this distance,"

  6. HAHAHAHA! KILL THE BASTARDS! Except for Miles, I like him.

  7. Wait... If destroying the head frees the servant, then why not resolve hostage situations with nukes, in cases where allied servants aren't captured as well? Actually, so long as it isn't soul-empowered, you wouldn't even need to worry about harming reapers.

  8. zeff better show us what he is made of.

  9. Cry havoc, and unleash the dogs of war.. also, icecream sandwiches. Yumm.

  10. Well, once he gets the pan-rozum going...

  11. 1 Dead wife + 3 kidnapped kids + 1 war with the rain lords + 1 freed Zeff = AW HELL NO! BITCHES GON DIE TODAY!

  12. Dang, finally caught up ._. Amazing work, Mr. Frost!

  13. The rainlords had better hope that they didn't destroy the ice cream sandwiches, or Miles might stop screwing around and get vicious.

  14. Kensei Seraph Forget TerraNovember 6, 2014 at 12:58 AM

    Environmental fallout.
    Also there's probably servants who could stop a nuke with a few minutes of advanced warning.

  15. Kensei Seraph Forget TerraNovember 6, 2014 at 12:58 AM

    This is going to be fun. :D

  16. Were you deliberately trying to create like a movie tag line or something? Because reading that May or may not have given me goosebumps/and or a half chub. Bravo

  17. Nah, that just comes out when I try to say things at 1 am.

  18. Do it again, if you please :) that was awesome

  19. Consider changing "and body parts riddled across the street" to something like "and body parts scattered/strewn/sprinkled across the street".
    Just caught up and your work is great in more ways than I can keep track of.
    I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this next.

  20. Here we go! Beautiful winds coming to town, with darkened clouds of rain moves by, drifting like a ebb of a flowing twisting river shifting to stream through, while those beautiful breezes fiercely turning to rampaging whirlwinds to twisted rise into typhoons/hurricanes with a flush of poker cards,to declare your win right down to a flying whirlpool swirling downward your win down the toilet onto the drowning earth.

  21. Sorry if the above post was kind of brusque, I'm actually really happy to help.

  22. No worries. It was a little awkwardly worded. Welcome and thanks for reading. <3