Monday, September 29, 2014

Page 840

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He didn’t understand why his parents wouldn’t just let him fight. They were wonderful and loving people, but they could be so frustrating sometimes. A big battle was on its way to their doorstep, and yet all of a sudden, he wasn’t allowed to participate? The absurdity of it boggled the mind.

He jumped up from his couch and paced across the room. There weren’t even any windows to look through, and the walls were all soul-strengthened in order to make sure he stayed put, as well as to conceal his presence from any curious reapers. Sure, it was spacious, having its own den and kitchen and bathroom; and sure, it was filled with all sorts of toys and other things that were obviously meant to keep him distracted, but he just wasn’t in the mood for--

Hold on. Was that a merry-go-round tucked away in the corner? It was a bit small, but he hadn’t been on one of those since he was a kid. Oh, man, he’d have to give his mother a big hug later. That magnificent woman thought of everything.

After a while of unadulterated joy, a ringing noise arrived. Next to the sealed door, Ismael’s face appeared on the monitor embedded in the wall. <“Ibai?”>

He bounded off his mechanical wonder and rushed over. “Hello, Papa! Can I come out yet?”

<“I’m afraid not, mijoro. I just wanted to check in on you. You will need to stay in there for a while yet.”>


<“I know. But it is for your own safety.”>

“Yes, yes, same old drill. But I want to fight!”

<“I know you do.”>

He groaned again and walked away from the monitor, only to immediately walk back to it. “Okay, fine, no fighting. But still, Papa, there truly is no need to keep me locked up in here. You could send me abroad! Away from all the danger! I would adore a vacation! And I would be perfectly safe!”

<“You know why I can’t do that.”>

“I won’t hurt anyone. I promise. And I won’t cause trouble or attract too much attention, either. I know how important it is to remain hidden.”

<“I wish I could believe you.”>

“But you can! Papa, please! I understand! Believe me! Don’t leave me in here!”

And he saw his father hesitate. A flicker of uncertainty achieved at last. But that was all it was.

<“I am sorry. I will let you out soon.”> And the monitor went dark.

He was alone again. He clicked his lips apart and gave a loud sigh. And then, faintly, he smiled to himself. “Almost convinced you that time, Papa.”

His hand brushed his chin and felt the fresh stubble there. Bah. Facial hair was such a bother. He moved to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He extended two fingers, and from them, a brown shadow appeared. It formed a small blade, and he began shaving.


  1. Well, that clears some things up. How the hell did the aberration procedure get preformed on a Rainlord scion, though?

  2. Sweet heaven, an aberration. Please don't tell me some of the Vanguard have been developing their own aberrations to take on the Abolish ones - because from what we've seen aberrations have a innate need to do harm so it would be stupid.

    SPECULATION: That's exactly what they've done (or at least this faction - not all of the Vanguard seems so stupid) and Gema found out. Hence her defection and their determination to find her. She knows too much. Maybe the dude she killed was a Vanguard aberration as well.

  3. Reading through this, I could tell he was an aberration. Something about his demeanor just gave it away.
    I wonder if he's just as much of a psychopath as Geoffrey was.

  4. That chances that it's connected to Parson seems like a highly possibility to be involved into the aberration procedure.

  5. Ahem...don't forget the Vanguard also has their share of scientists' that had lend a hand into the aberration procedure.

  6. Do you really need to ask if hes as much of a psycho as Geoffrey. If anything hes probably MORE of a psycho.

  7. I wonder if he might be some kind of modification of the procedure. He still has a bit of the psycho tendencies and the boredom, but he seems more controllable and less bloodthirsty than Geoffry. I could at least imagine him feeling compassion or passing up a chance to cause pain. The way he seems to think of battle implies to me that he may also have some interest in worthy opponents.

  8. Geoffrey version 2, more psychotic, murderous, dangerous, insane and powerful.

  9. but he hadn’t been [on] one of those since he was a kid

  10. Ibia is my new favorite character.

  11. Quite a turn of events, or rather quite an unexpected light shined on the situation! Stuff like this is exactly why this reads like one of the best novels ever...

    But please, bring on the battle!

  12. Y'know, I remember when I was somewhere around page 600, I saw this very comment in the "Recent Comments" section and got totally and utterly confused. I thought, "OMG Geoffrey was reincarnated?! Damian is back?!" Lol when I reached this page, I was so interested in this new development

  13. You know, many people boast about how their web serial is length of ten books. They may be that long but they read like one book stretched to be as long as ten.
    Your's does not have that. Story arcs finish, villains actually die instead of being recycled, there's a sense of closure at the right moments and a sense of stroy progressing and moving.
    That's rare. I commend you.