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Page 815 -- XCIII.

Dimas expected to see Melchor kill Yangéra as well, but the man did no such thing, instead choosing to hold her out in front of him as a shield. Dimas and Joana both had to stop attacking.

“It is over,” said Melchor. “Diego was your only hope of escaping this room, and now that I have Yangéra, you cannot even attack me freely. Please cease this pointless struggling and surrender.”

Dimas couldn’t see Joana’s face in the darkness, so he looked to her reaper and then to Shenado. Indeed, this battle was undoubtedly lost now. Close-quarters combat didn’t suit him, and without Iziol present, Dimas had an observational disadvantage. There was nothing for it.

We’ve lost,’ thought Dimas. ‘Self-destructing now.

Understood,’ came Iziol’s voice. By now, he must have been a quarter of the way to Rheinhal.

And as Dimas prepared both hands with gravitic orbs, he took a deep breath so that he could raise his voice for all to hear. “...I will return for you all very soon.”

By now, Melchor had no doubt realized what he was doing, and Dimas could see the soul-empowered mercury rushing to stop him.

Dimas placed his head in his hands and let the force smash his skull to pieces.

Chapter Ninety-Three: ‘The code of the shield...’
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Hector sat quietly in the unlit guest chamber. Lynn and Prince Meriwether were both asleep. Hector had volunteered to stay up and keep watch since he didn’t require sleep as much as Lynn did. She agreed, as long as he woke her up early so that he could get some rest in the morning.

It had been an eventful evening. He’d watched the entirety of Lord Asad’s discussion with the other Sandlords. Garovel had been kind enough to translate what they were saying into Mohssian for him. By the end, it was quite clear that Lord Asad had been unable to convince them of anything.

After that, Axiolis introduced them to Asad and Qorvass, who were both much more courteous than Asad’s brother, but once the pleasantries concluded, the conversation still proved itself considerably more troubling than the one with Haqq.

“We are going to Rheinhal,” Asad had said quite fluently in Mohssian. “Abbas and the others have chosen not to help, but I cannot remain idle.”

You are welcome to come with us,’ said Qorvass. ‘Any friend of the Elroys is a friend of ours.


  1. Well, that's a rather grim method of travel. However, the way you pulled it off was incredibly badass. So, we've got the Blackburns on one side, the Vanguard of the other, and the Lords of Rain and Sand opposing both of them. Everybody wants the Elroy children for some reason to do with Gema.
    My question is, how far does this conflict have to escalate before Sermung, Morgunov, or Dozer shows up personally?

  2. I'm still left wondering what exactly Melchor's deal is. Anyway, back to Hector and the rest. I should check the character page, I'm not really good with names :p

  3. I hope after this escalates it goes back to normal because the power lvl and skill at the moment would make Hector fodder.If Hector somehow levels up to their tier I would probably lose interest.
    It seems more at the moment of what the middle class Servants are capable of which shows how lacking Hector is which is good it gives him something to aim for.

  4. Well the fight at Redlake caste wasn't done by "middle class servants" imo. That was a fight between 3 of the strongest Rainlords who were supporters of the Vanguard for generations. I'd personally put them in the lower region of the high end spec, considering that 2 of them could use a form of pan-razum without loosing themselves which even the light guy couldn't pull off (forgot the name).
    But that level is impossible for Hector. The factor he is lacking is time as a servant and thus soul synchro with his reaper. Frost was very consistent with the power theory throughout his story so far, so it would be really ridiculous if he suddenly starts to break his own rules.

    TL;DR those guys are stronger than middle class and Hector won't become as strong as them without a considerable timeleap / progress of the story which amounts to some years.

  5. I don't see of what use Hector can be in this situation then.
    I would only consider Melchor lower High tier as he is domination 3 servants of middle tier. We have not seen what the upper echelons of the rainlords are capable of as they are the ones actually fighting on the front. The one who took out Zeff was only lower High tier and he destroyed zeff who was said to be the 8th strongest Rainlord. He also has another 3 ranks between himself and the one who gave him the orders never mind Sermung himself who is probably God tier.

  6. His passive soul defense alone probably makes it impossible to use any sort of servant ability within a large-ish radius, and he can probably take a large caliber bullet to the temple without flinching.