Monday, September 29, 2014

Page 838

The anterior door opened, and through it came Nere Blackburn. The manic and haggard look on her face was not so different from that of her husband. She scurried straight toward Melchor and wrapped her skinny arms around him. “I am so glad you are safe,” she said into his chest. “I told Rholtam that we should not have sent you alone.”

Melchor returned the embrace, though his wasn’t quite the vice grip that hers was. He gave an acknowledging look to her reaper, who was hovering up behind her.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you as soon as you returned,” she said. “Ibai wouldn’t--he... he was...”

“Being difficult?” said Melchor. And when the woman only nodded in response, Melchor exhaled a tired laugh and kissed the top of her head. “It’s alright. I’m fine.” As much as Ismael was a brother to him, Nere was a sister. Between the two of them, Melchor wasn’t sure whom he worried more about these days.

Nere released her hold on him and went to go sit next to her husband. Her strained eyes moved to Ismael’s face, and she shakily found his hand with her own.

Melchor saw Ismael squeeze her hand, but it was still not enough to stir the man back to sociability.

Rholtam picked up the slack for him. ‘Have you had a chance to assess the castle’s defenses?

“Not yet,” said Melchor. “It is next on my to-do list.”

Good. If possible, I would like Orric to look them over as well. I’m sure he can--

“I do not see an end to this,” said Ismael.

Everyone looked at him.

Ismael raised his head, gradually moving his gaze from each observer to the next. “I thought it could work. I thought we could keep our family together, but now... what hope is there? Truly? What hope? Tomorrow, they will come, and everything will unravel. Everything I’ve... everything... everything...” He rubbed his face with his free hand.

You’re wrong,’ said Rholtam. ‘There is hope still. But there can be no peace for us while that man still lives.’

No one needed him to specify which man he was talking about.

Rholtam wasn’t done. ‘We all know this, yes? Even if we weather this siege and somehow reconcile with the others, it will not prevent future conflicts arising in this same manner. The problem will remain.


  1. Will have an extra page posted in about six hours. For realsies. 's already written 'n shit.

  2. No one needed him to specify which man he was talking about.
    "Why, no, I'm not teasing. I'm only refraining from naming this person because that's how the characters would talk."

  3. Everytime the story diverted from our Darksteel Lord, it puts me in agony. Still waiting for when our young Lord confessing his love and making Lynn his girlfriend who can whip him into shape. This protagonist needs a cool and badass woman to cure his timidity.

  4. As much as I'd love to see hector in his true snarky glory I REALLY don't think he should be with Lynn. Telling her how he feels however is needed but nothing should come of it.

  5. What happens when someone with a aberration item dies? I mean it would make sense for a soul devouring monster trapped into a piece of armor to take the soul bound to it after death. I'D HATE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN BUT HEY stands to reason

  6. Maybe that's just me being pessimistic about love in this damn story.

  7. I know, right! That makes me so angry!

  8. I bet we'll find out, eventually!

  9. Oh, come on! Maybe Lynn will end up dying and get a reaper so she can join Hector and become the young Madam of Warrenhold.

  10. Sound logic. Haqq Najir? already explained that topic before.