Sunday, September 28, 2014

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The Black Hall was the largest room in the castle, and its walls were a testament to ancient Arman architecture with their elaborate stonework and inlaid columns. Its ceiling, however, consisted entirely of natural rock. Its slanted, craggy surface hadn’t changed since the Armans first brought the rock to this wet place and carved a home out of it.

When Ismael noticed Melchor, he ordered everyone else to leave. Once upon a time, such an order from Ismael would have been shouted with confidence and perhaps even laughter, but here and now, Ismael only whispered his desire to his attendants, who then quietly ushered the crowd of people from the chamber.

Once they were alone, Ismael let the silence linger a while before finally speaking. “I am sorry for what I had you do,” he said.

“The Lord of Marshrock should not apologize for his decisions,” said Melchor.

Ismael’s eyes went to the floor. “Forgive my weakness, then.”

A tinge of irritation crossed Melchor’s face, but he held his tongue this time.

“I know that my selfishness is to blame for our circumstances.”

Our selfishness,’ the man’s reaper said. This one was named Rholtam, and he had been with House Blackburn longer than anyone else. ‘The responsibility is ours to share, my friend.

Ismael did not respond. He and his wife Nere had both retained the youth of their mid-thirties, but it had grown difficult to tell. He didn’t look old so much as just tired.

It pained Melchor to see him like this, but it had been many years since he’d seen much else in him. They were distant cousins by blood, but Melchor had come to feel like his older brother.

Rholtam gave a soundless ruffling of his feathers and looked at Melchor. ‘Will Orric be ready for battle by tomorrow morning?

“Yes. Is that when we expect our visitors to arrive?”

Indeed. We have enough aerial defenses along the way. Our opponents will have to do some night marching up through the marshes if they wish to avoid needless losses. In the meantime, we have already started evacuating the town.

“Where are you sending the refugees?”

To Intar. We’ve organized shelters for those who need them. I’m sure they’ll feel much safer across the border.

Melchor nodded.

Ismael still hadn’t reestablished eye contact with him.

“What of Ibai?” asked Melchor.

He is under guard,’ said Rholtam. ‘He made quite a fuss.

“I don’t doubt it.”


  1. could you explain each character like who are they ,male or female ,and many more .and who is rainlord i do not get it who is him

  2. try to make a list of character

  3. It feels like the Blackburns have their own interests held hostage by a party - perhaps children, perhaps servants, perhaps the livelihood of the family, perhaps something else entirely.

  4. Did you not even notice the link at the top that says "Characters"?

  5. Thanks. And yeah Im starting to see that haha.

  6. I believe the "Armans" should be Arman's in the first paragraph.

  7. ...Why? It seems fine to me.

  8. That one's not an error. "Arman's" would make it possessive, as in "the Arman people's," which doesn't make sense in the context.

    Or perhaps you thought Arman was a person's name? I suppose it has been a while since they were mentioned. Come to think of it, I should add probably add them to the Characters page under Historical.

  9. have you even read the story?

  10. Hector's iron ability reminded me of Sasha from Seikon no Qwaser and Hector himself reminded me of Batman

  11. Huh. That's interesting. Why Batman? I've seen folks say he reminds them of Ghost Rider or Iron Man, but never Batman.

  12. Because of the name Darksteel Soldier vs Dark Knight, and they are both vigilantes. However, that is the only similarity. I like Hector more because he's just cute. I don't mean he is Batman, he is only somewhat similar to Batman, but his sense of justice is just very likeable.

  13. welcome to the family and just a heads up wuxia stories are always dbz like with its insnane power lvls

  14. Wow! Didnt even notice... I caught up!

    Mr. Frost sir, I have to say that you are litera(ry)l genius!! Could not stop reading this past week.
    Just came off this Lite Novel called Stellar Transformations which is slightly reminiscent of DBZ with all its insane fights and power levels... But though the characters in this are not as OP it seems much more action packed and fluid.

    Truly amazing work! Never thought I'd actually be able to experience the pleasures of an ongoing novel.

    I look forward to the coming battle/reunion fervently!!!!!!!!!!11