Sunday, March 30, 2014

Page 598

“Oh, very well,” Mariana conceded. “If that is your decision, then I will stand by you.”

“Thank you,” said Zeff.

So when would you like to perform the ceremony, then?’ asked Chergoa.

“Tomorrow night,” said Zeff. “That should allow more than enough time to explain the change in plans to her.”

Okay. I’ll just haunt your neighborhood in the meantime.


David descended the long steps into the underbelly of the sterile white prison. As far as dungeons went, it didn’t quite have the same medieval menace to it that he’d had in mind, but he supposed the eerie calm and cleanliness offered a different kind of discomfort.

Two guardsmen escorted him in silence, and he soon arrived in front of the designated cell with a transparent wall and a speaker box in the center. David hit the button on the right side to let his voice carry through. “Hello, Luther.”

Luther sat up and tilted his head. “David. I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me down here.”

“Oh, you will be getting plenty of attention soon enough.”

“Ah. Am I to be executed, then? Given a farce trial, perhaps?”

“A trial, yes, but not for your execution. I’m told the prosecution will be seeking life imprisonment.”

“Life imprisonment. Ha. That is an execution, too. Instead of a needle or a chair or an axe, it is simply a box and patience. In a way, it is much crueler--killing someone with time. Boring a person to death, taken literally.”

“Shall I tell the prosecution you feel that way?”

Luther scowled and turned away.

“I thought not,” said David.

“Why are you here?” said Luther. “To gloat?”

“Well...” David grinned. “Yes. That is exactly why I am here.”

“Ugh.” Luther shook his head in disgust. “I suppose this is what I get for acting so impulsively. I thought I saw a golden opportunity to eliminate all rivals. I should have known better.”

“Indeed. It almost makes one wonder how you could be so foolhardy.”

Luther stared at him for a long moment. “Oh, you liar. You did come down here for another reason.”

“Did I?”


  1. I think "persecution," which appears twice in this page, ought to be "prosecution." Looking forward to the continuation of this conversation between David and Luther.

  2. Aw man...I kinda wanted to stay with the Elroys for a while longer. How'd you even do that, Frost! I was first confused and a bit dismayed from being away from the main cast. Then in just a couple pages, I'm disappointed to be back. Just how did you do that?

    Though, I gotta love interactions between David and Luther...