Saturday, March 15, 2014

Page 588

Perhaps you could explain what is so special about this Warrenhold place before we decide,’ said Garovel.

Voreese looked over her audience. ‘Well, it’s old as shit! In a good way! Lots of history, very defensible, and tons of space underground.’ She leveled a stare at Garovel. ‘Trust me on this one. You’ll thank me.

A silent pause followed, and Hector was left to wonder what the non-servants at the table must be thinking of this conversation, watching the Queen and Roman talk to their imaginary friends. However, Hector noticed that most of them weren’t even watching, really, instead taken to enjoying the feast laid before them. He realized he hadn’t even started eating yet, despite being utterly famished, so he decided to dig in as well.

Okay,’ said Garovel. ‘We’ll take Warrenhold. If Her Majesty is actually offering it to us, that is.

The Queen tilted her head. “Are you certain? Perhaps you should visit it before deciding. Unless my memory is mistaken, the Gray Warren was forced to endure an earthquake some years ago. You may not come to find it in the most desirable state.”

Eh, we’ll make do,’ said Garovel. ‘No need to draw things out. We’ll take up less of your time this way.

Helen eyed the two reapers a moment, perhaps skeptical, but then said, “Very well. You will have the papers by the week’s end.” She turned to Hector. “Do you find that agreeable?”

“Oh, um, sure... but, uh...” He faltered again under everyone’s gaze.

“Yes?” said the Queen, as they all waited for him.

“S-sorry, it’s just... maybe I’m missing something, but, uh...” His fists clenched under the table as he forced the rest of the words out. “Wouldn’t it be a problem for, uh, Your Highness, if you give such an incredible gift to... well, me? I mean, I’m pretty hated by... ah, everyone...”

“Once the public knows the truth, that will not be a problem,” said Helen. “I intend to address the matter of your innocence in front of the press very soon. In fact, I was hoping you might accompany me when I do.”


  1. Watch out hector explosion soon to occur

  2. I think Hector my either have a heart attack or dead faint at the thought of having to stand before a press conference.

  3. Heh, Such a social event would almost be enough to force him into an emergence episode from the sheer stress of it all. possibly opening a new ability for hector; "Sink through Floor" power.

  4. The queen had better be very careful about what she says when she tells everyone " The truth." Wile there plan might have been enough to drive off this small cell from abolish, exposing there existence and cause to the world would most likely bring the full wrath of the whole organization down on her country.

    If they believed for a second that this queen from a nothing little country, was going to expose them, they would stop at nothing to stop it. They would have to, because if the world at large found out about them, they would unite to hunt down every servant and exterminate them. Hell there is a good chance the vanguard might join them, because they would also end up in the cross hairs for conducting there war with abolish without the worlds knowledge.

  5. Yeah, there we go. Press conference of redemption. Was wondering where it was.

  6. Hey, faking death also works for dodging a reputation.

  7. Yes, but remember how much they'd already blown on television. The existence of psychopaths with insane powers is pretty much established across the country. She doesn't have to tell them about Abolish, she just has to tell them which side Hector was actually on. Anything she might normally have had to convince them of first - that someone could possess people, for instance - the grounds have already been laid for people to believe her.

  8. "You may not come find it in the most desirable state."
    Feels like it's missing a word. "come to find it" or something.

  9. Mm. Fixing typos feels so good... I MEAN, UH. TH-THANKS. Y'KNOW. FOR THE STORY'S SAKE.

  10. God! Finally! Hector will get his name cleared. Dude deserves all these good things coming his way

  11. Just imagining a dramatic mustache removal.
    "I've been here the whole time." *rip*
    *The crowd gasps.*