Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Page 584

Garovel gave them something of a tour as they walked, explaining where each new corridor led to and even pointing out various people among the crowds as being international representatives.

Oh, and I should probably mention,’ the reaper said, slowing a little but not stopping, ‘the night before we returned, three of the Queen’s brothers were murdered.

Hector’s eyes widened, and he looked at Harper, who seemed equally surprised. He looked at Garovel again. “Um, Prince David, ah...?”

He’s alive. Him, Meriwether, and Luther are fine, but apparently Luther was the one responsible for the killings, so he’s been imprisoned. The Queen’s already held a joint funeral service, despite the fact that those same brothers were also traitors who tried to assassinate her. I’m sure it’s a rather confusing and difficult situation for her, so maybe don’t ask about her family over dinner, yeah? If she wants to talk about it, just let her bring it up on her own.

“Understood,” said Harper. “Thanks for the warning.”


They arrived at an enormous banquet hall, but they didn’t stop there. Garovel led them toward the far corner and into an offshoot chamber which was much smaller and mostly filled with one large table. Roman and Gina were already here, as were David and Meriwether, and also Vanessa Goffe, who sat at the other end of the table. Voreese was present as well, and she was the first to greet them.

Finally, someone else who can actually see me,’ she said. ‘Was getting tired of talking to that clod.

Roman threw them a look from across the room but was apparently too invested in his conversation with Gina to do anything more.

Hector just gave her a smile and left Harper and Garovel to keep her company. He made his way over to his mother.

When she saw him coming, she stiffened. She looked in slightly better health than before, but that may’ve only been due to the makeup she was wearing now.

He pulled out the chair next to her but didn’t sit down just yet. “Mom... uh... how are you? Have they been treating you well here?”


  1. Toaster of VengeanceMarch 12, 2014 at 7:48 AM

    The top line should probably be "something of a tour"
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  2. God, why is he even trying...

  3. I swear, I said the same thing

  4. Yay Reese!

    And God, I hope this new conversation with Vanessa doesn't piss me off...