Saturday, January 21, 2023

Page 3198

He'd already wasted enough time. Before the thought was even fully crystalized in his mind, Roman found himself moving for the exit.

"Mr. Fullister, what are you doing?" said Joana Cortes. "Lord Goffe told us to wait. We should trust his judgment, I think."

Roman turned to look at her. There was no doubt in her expression. No uncertainty. Just stern disapproval.

He didn't want to risk getting into an argument, so decided to fib a bit here. "I'm just going to check on things. If I'm not back in five minutes, please do as Hector said and bury the entrance."

She still looked ready to tell him off, but she merely gave him an admissive nod.


Well, in fairness, that did seem to be the resting face of all these Rainlords. Maybe he'd read her expression wrong.

He decided to hand Garovel's iron orb off to her, as well. The reaper was no doubt in a foul mood and would've preferred to come with him, but that wasn't the sort of risk that Roman wanted to take with someone else's reaper. Didn't feel right.

He proceeded outside, making sure to slide the hulking stone doors shut behind him.

Unfortunately, he realized a bit too late that Voreese had come with him. He gave her a disapproving look but said nothing more. This wasn't the time. And besides, her senses would probably be helpful here.

Because what the hell was even going on out here?

He could hear distant explosions, like an intermittent stream of fireworks, and he could he feel the very air trembling now and then, too.

Voreese pointed him in the right direction with her little ethereal wing.

Roman started moving, but he didn't want to rush in headfirst. The goal here was to be helpful, not cause Hector problems by getting in the way. So he made use of the giant iron "decoy" castle that Hector had been working on in order stay out of the sight, following the labyrinthine walls in the direction that Voreese showed him.

It took longer than expected. Hector sure made this thing elaborate. And to think it wasn't even finished. Roman could've just hopped over the walls, but he was trying to be careful.

By the time he made it to the exit, he could feel the vibrations in the air more strongly than ever.

Due to the nature of his power, Roman had become a bit more sensitive to such things. He almost didn't need Voreese to guide him, now that he was thinking about it. The sound and vibrations together gave him a relatively clear picture of where the shit was hitting the fan.

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