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“Well, they’ve been driven out of their homeland,” said Hector. “But they’re very... proud, to say the least. I’m sure they’ll want to go and win it back, sooner or later. I’m just hoping that it’ll be later.”

“Hector.” The Queen rested her hands on the table and interlocked her fingers together. “I know you have only been back for a handful of days, but even so, you must realize that Atreya does not need this manner of trouble, at the moment.”

He frowned, knowing that her mood was probably not going to improve after what he was about to say. “Ah... honestly, I don’t think the Rainlords are going to be a problem. But I do think someone else will be...”

“Excuse me?” said the Queen.

There was no good way of putting this, he felt. “You know who Sai-hee is, right?”

Helen blinked at him a couple times. “Please tell me Sai-hee is not going to invade.”

“Oh, uh, she’s not. I mean, not as far as I know.”

Helen did not look very reassured.

“...But I did bring another fugitive from her group with me,” said Hector.

At that, the Queen actually buried her face in her hands.

Mm,’ said Garovel, ‘if I could butt in for a second here, I feel like maybe Hector isn’t explaining the situation quite as well as he could be.

The Queen did not look up, but she did answer through her hands. “Do go on, then, Garovel.”

Well, y’see, we didn’t really have a whole lot of options with this Sai-hee fugitive. This guy isn’t one of the Rainlords, by the way. In fact, they kinda hate him, at the moment.

I’m not sure your explanation is any better,’ said Mehlsanz.

Look, okay, we get it,’ said Garovel. ‘It’s a precarious situation. But it’s also an opportunity like no other, right? Like Hector said, the Rainlords are incredibly powerful. And right now, we’re on quite good terms with them.

“Yes.” The Queen removed her hands from her face and took another breath. “Amelia mentioned that these guests of yours might make for valuable allies. I, however, remain unconvinced.”

Abruptly, Hector realized that Madame Carthrace had not followed him into this meeting. Jamal and Matteo weren’t there anymore, either. With the Scarf, though, he could sense that they were waiting outside the room with a pair of royal guardsmen. He had no idea where Madame Carthrace had gone, though.

That’s perfectly understandable,’ Garovel was saying. ‘I encourage you to come to Warrenhold and meet them yourself.

The Queen gave the reaper a flat look.

We don’t really have the time for that,’ said Mehlsanz. ‘And all eyes are on us. It was difficult enough arranging this meeting here without drawing the attention of the entire media. If we visited Warrenhold, it would make it that much more difficult for you to keep your “guests” hidden--which I assume you wish to continue doing?

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