Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Normal posting will resume on Tuesday, July 10th

Lately, my schedule has gotten all screwed up, and I apologize for that. I think it's time I just admit that I need a break to relax and get organized again. I really don't like missing my deadlines. So I'm gonna take a week off.

Thank you for your patience, everyone.

The past couple months have been pretty strange for me. I had a family emergency that kinda just turned my whole life upside down. Things are better now, but there've been some lasting consequences that I've been trying to get used to. And today, I found out that, sometime soon, there might be another family emergency involving a different family member. Maybe there won't be, though. It's just one of those things. Worrying news that you can't do much about. But that's life for you, I guess. We deal with these things the best we can as they come.

I'm sorry if you'd like greater detail, but I'm uncomfortable sharing much more than that. At least, for the time being. However, I also don't want you guys to worry too much. I, myself, am perfectly fine, and I certainly don't plan to stop writing TZKS.

In any case, I'd like to thank you all again for your support over the years. It really has meant the world to me. I'll have more story for you soon.

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