Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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((Triple Wednesday -- Page 1 of 3))
Not quite the distraction he’d hoped for. Hector launched himself away without enough time even to choose his direction or stabilize himself. He and his armor went flipping through the air.

But the Scarf. Again, it was helping him. With it, he didn’t become disoriented. He didn’t lose track of where he was or where the worm was or even where the wall that he was flipping toward was. Being able to sense the space immediately around himself proved to be a stabilizing effect for his mind, and this wasn’t the first time he’d noticed it in this fight, either.

He was able to materialize an iron curve against the wall just before he hit it. So rather than slamming against it and losing all momentum, his armor scraped against the curve and then slid safely off to the side. He was even able to reorient himself into an upright position and land easily on both feet, still on the second floor.

Holy crap, Hector.’

Think I’m getting the hang of this Scarf.’ He watched the iron curve he’d made a moment ago fall off the wall and annihilated it before it hit the ground.

The worm was getting close again, and Hector bounded up and over it, deciding this time not to flee. He wanted the edge of the worm. His most recent test had revealed that he couldn’t distract it, but maybe he could still navigate around its huge bulk nimbly enough to avoid immediate death.

The sludge pulsed and stretched, reaching out for him a little--but only a little. Not like the worm’s mouth could. This section here was the tail, Hector was pretty sure, and while it was obviously still dangerous, it didn’t seem nearly as aggressive in its efforts to absorb or devour him.

It did seem more aggressive in its efforts to slam him into the wall, though.

And since he wasn’t confident that a blow from the Moon’s Wrath would counter something with enough force to derail a train, he decided to leap over the tail instead of taking it head on. When the tail smacked into the wall and splattered everywhere, Hector rushed in to attack. He held the mace low, letting it drag behind him a little, and then brought full force to bear with vigor-enhanced strength.

The mace struck true and the already-thinned tail exploded into even more chunks.

That was all the opening he was going to get, though, as he could already sense the mouth twisting around to catch him from behind. He launched himself out of its path, and the worm’s mouth bent upward after him, snapping and drooling at him but still out of reach.

He landed on the other side while it rumbled and writhed, eagerly trying to reposition itself so that it could chase him again.

Hector put some distance between himself and the worm again, waiting for Garovel’s assessment.

That was a solid hit,’ the reaper said. ‘Seems like the the mace is “full” now.

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