Thursday, March 1, 2018

Page 1569

The boy takes advantage of the many tools at his disposal to go out and search for other Hun’Sho in secret. Surely, he is not the only Guong who has survived. Indeed, there are others, though they are few, as expected.

And they are broken. They are terrified, just as he is. Some refuse even to speak to him, having grown so paranoid. They do not seem to understand the cause of the Sludge Sickness and think it may be some sort of divine punishment for betraying Avaross’ wishes all those years ago.

Hope is thinner than ever. Even Torosh is wallowing in his failure.

The boy does not know what to do. When he returns to Himmekel, he finds that his subjects do not believe in him any longer. They refuse to acknowledge him as Guong.


He does not need them to love him back. He does not need them to cooperate willingly. So the boy disappears from their lives and hides himself away. He uses his tools to watch them, to protect them, to guide them, and yes, to occasionally coerce them. There is too much for him to do alone. His people require more power. More treasure. More magic. And they must help him acquire it.

A delicate balance is achieved in Himmekel. He is all but forgotten there. Only the oldest Hun’Sho remember him now. Only they know of his protection and intention. But that is enough. He is not interested in being Guong again. He is not sure he could even do the job.

Malast has deemed him unsuitable, and perhaps there is truth in that. The boy has been thinking so for quite a while. He wants to do something. He wants to revitalize his people. But how can he? When he has already failed them so thoroughly and repeatedly? What can he do on his own? Gather treasure? To what end? What hope is left, truly?

He does not know the answers to these questions. He does not know how or why he continues on in this way.

He visits the Prime Archivers in Luugh. They are surprised to encounter a living Hun’Sho and are accommodating to him. He uses their resources to conduct his own research into the Primordials and into godhood.

It is a very slow process. He has difficulty with their written languages. The Prime Archivers allow him to come and go as he pleases. He makes sure to reward them for their help.

And then, Ettol appears in Himmekel.

The boy is terrified. Everything will begin to change now. He knows that Ettol’s arrival will bring more outsiders to them. His kin are in danger again. He must take drastic action. Because...

Because he knew that...

He knew...

He knew...?


The vision faltered. Royo found himself standing exactly where he had been previously, observing the slowed demise of Seyos.

He had so many questions--chief among them being, what in the world had just happened?

He had gotten a broad view of Seyos’ entire life, of course. That much was obvious. What was less apparent, however, was why it had ended so abruptly. It hadn’t felt finished. It felt like it just broke down.

And right after Ettol’s introduction.

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