Friday, November 13, 2015

Page 1106

Are you done?’ said Garovel. ‘We didn’t come here to have our worthiness measured.

Yes,’ said Rasalased, ‘you found yourselves here by chance and are now trapped. And you wish me to do something about that, I assume?

Would that even be possible?’ said Garovel.

Of course. I will free you all once your souls have finished tempering.

That left a brief silence in its wake.

...Excuse me?’ said Chergoa. ‘What do you mean “tempering”?

Did you not notice? Garovel, for instance. He was exhausted and unconscious upon his arrival here, and yet now, he is perfectly well.

Wait,’ said Garovel. ‘Your soul was dormant when we arrived. How could you know that I was--?

Time is not time,’ said the Dry God.

Right,’ said Garovel. ‘If that’s true, then why are we “waiting” for this tempering of yours to finish?

We are not waiting. We are talking. The tempering will finish after we are done.

But then--’ said Garovel. ‘Wouldn’t that mean--? What? Does that mean you’re controlling when the tempering finishes?

Am I? Perhaps I am. It matters little. Time is not time.


Chergoa tried to intervene. ‘I’d like to know more about what this tempering--

Young Hector,’ said Rasalased. ‘What is this that you have brought me? I sense its residue in your soul, so it must be yours.

Hector was confused. ‘Uh...?

An offering? Very kind of you. But then, you ARE very kind, aren’t you? I see that, too. A deserving young soul, yours is. In need of help. But I have no use for gifts. I have no use for anything.

Please don’t ignore me,’ said Chergoa. ‘Tell us what you mean when you say our souls are tempering.

Recovering,’ said Rasalased. ‘Simple. You were exhausted. Now you are not. But for the young ones there, it means more.

...Go on.’

You will see.


You may be angry with me at first. But hold true, and you will see.

I’m sorry,’ said Garovel. ‘You’re not being cryptic enough for my tastes. Could you add in something about believing in ourselves when the time is right?

Time is not--

Not time, yeah, I got it, thanks.

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