Monday, November 2, 2015

Page 1095

Why in the world would that be a good thing?’ Emiliana asked.

Soul-synchronization,’ Chergoa answered. ‘Obviously, it’d be boring as hell, but it would allow us to safely increase our soul power in a relatively short amount of time.

Short amount of time?’ Emiliana sounded confused. ‘You just said it would be decades!

Yes, in here it would be,’ said Chergoa. ‘But out there? Not so much.

I don’t understand.

Time and space are like butter and toast,’ said Chergoa. ‘When there’s a lot of toast, the butter gets spread out really thin. When there’s only a little toast, you end up having to cram a ton of butter on it.

...Wouldn’t you just use less butter?’ said Hector.

No, see, the amount of butter is fixed.

...Why would it be fixed?

Look, I never said it was a perfect metaphor. The point is, time passes more quickly here.

I thought time slowed down near black holes,’ said Emiliana.

This isn’t a black hole,’ said Garovel. ‘Black holes are created by condensed matter. I don’t think there’s any matter here. Only space.


Also, if this were a black hole, we’d probably be dead.

We ARE dead,’ said Chergoa.

Super extra dead, then.

Eloquently put.

H-hold on,’ said Hector. ‘Didn’t you say there was “okay” news, too?

Yeah, that was it,’ said Garovel. ‘In theory, you and Emiliana could grow significantly more powerful in this place. Assuming we don’t go insane, that is.

Eh, we won’t go insane,’ said Chergoa. ‘Not with four of us here. It’d be different if any of us were alone or unable to communicate with each other. Then we’d be fucked--I mean, er, screwed. Emiliana, plug your ears. You, too, Hector.

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