Thursday, August 27, 2015

Page 1074

“Oh, no, madame, I’m afraid there isn’t,” said the other voice. “From what I hear, she is quite busy abroad and won’t be visiting us for another few months.”

“Is that so? What a shame. I’ve been hoping to meet with her for a while now. Not an easy person to find, that one.”

“Indeed, indeed, I know that problem well. Both the president and the prime minister have been attempting to coordinate a meeting with her for more than a year now. They haven’t been very pleased by how little regard she seems to have for them.”

“Mm, I’m sure to her, a five-year presidency feels like little more than a fad, at this point.”

“They fear she sees them as children. I only worry that she would be justified in doing so. Some of their suggestions to me about how I might get her attention... they strike me as no better than tantrums.”

The rainbow-haired woman laughed. “I do sympathize.” She paused, perhaps for a drink. “But that’s also why I come to you, Enrico, and not them. Middle management is always more reliable when push comes to shove, I’ve found.”

Upper middle, thank you.”

“Of course.”

Enrico cleared his throat. “Mm, but now you’ve made me curious. What business does the Vaghrakaanas have with Sai-hee, exactly?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t really give details.”

“Oh, come on. You have to give me something. That’s how we’re able to maintain this lovely little give-and-take, you and I.”

“Of course, but you never know who could be listening.”

Roman scratched his nose and turned toward the banquet of hors-d’oeuvres behind him. They had crab puffs, he noticed. No sense in letting those go to waste just because he was working.

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