Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Page 1071

“As far as I see it, the Hammer can do nothing but good things for this nation.”

“Maybe our young folk’ll finally have a real role model to look up to for a change.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice. Assuming they even know who he is!”

“Oh, don’t even joke! They must, surely? The man is practically a founding father, for goddess’ sake.”

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if they claim to have never heard the name Kane before in their lives. If it’s not a musician or a movie star, they probably--”

He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep eavesdropping, but after another moment, it didn’t matter, because Miss Reach was pulling him away, having apparently concluded her conversation with Darius.

“Ugh, that was a nightmare,” she said, already looking like she was ready to leave. But then she rounded on him. “And you! What the hell was that, huh, Jimmy?! There’s no way he believed you! I’ve never seen anyone so bad at lying!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Reach.”

“Agh, whatever. I guess I can’t really blame you. Dressed like that, there’s not much you could’ve done, anyway.”

Indeed, his generic coachman’s hat and coat probably hadn’t impressed Darius very much. He noticed, however, Miss Reach had not let go of his arm yet. And it seemed she was not going to, now that he was supposed to be making Darius jealous.

This was far from ideal. He wasn’t sure how much actual scouting he would be able to get done if he had to be anchored to this woman for the rest of the night.

After a while of superficial mingling and no progress, he was beginning to grow restless and was actually relieved at the soundless interruption for a change.

Hey, Roman, why is your plan so boring?

It’s not... that boring,’ he said.

It’s pretty boring,’ said Voreese.

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