Saturday, May 23, 2015

Page 1032

“A celebration would be one of the most foolish things I could possibly do right now,” said Jackson.

“You’re much more uptight than I remember,” said Parson. “Is that your wife’s influence?”

“Are you trying to annoy me?” said Jackson. “I don’t see why. You usually do it so effortlessly.”

That pulled a barking laugh out of Overra. ‘I’m glad to see that biting wit of yours hasn’t changed. You’ll have to forgive Parson. I think he’s somehow getting stupider with age.

Parson just frowned.

One could argue that Abolish is at its most dangerous after taking a major loss like this,’ she went on. ‘I’m sure they’ll be feeling the need to reciprocate. And soon, too. Else the balance of power will begin to shift in our favor. And Dozer can’t very well let that happen.

She was right, Parson knew. Morgunov was about as predictable as a lottery that used imaginary numbers, but Dozer, at least, would certainly not take this lying down. Gunther and Dunhouser had both belonged to him. Their deaths would undoubtedly leave a power vacuum that many of Dozer’s other men would be looking to fill, and what better way to distinguish oneself in their master’s eyes than through battle?

There was no need to voice his concerns, though. Overra had it covered, and besides, he was supposed to be the stupid one.

“The only question is where Dozer will strike,” said Jackson.

Certainly not here,’ said Overra. ‘Trying to retake Horsht from you would be messy, at best, and draw Sermung’s attention, at worst. If I were him, I’d redouble my efforts to seize Korgum.

Doubtful, Parson figured. While it was true that finally getting a hold of Korgum would certainly make up for losing Horsht, it would still be a long shot. At the moment, winning that territory meant courting Chaos itself.


  1. Nicolas Sagrillo de AraujoMay 23, 2015 at 9:44 PM

    And the plot, like the sweat that my antecipation(did I write that right?) brought, thickens...
    That looks grosser than I first thought, please forgive me!
    Also, keep on being awesome and writing awesome, Frost!

  2. I'm certain he will. And don't worry, seeing something as good as Frost's writing is bound to occasionally cause a bit of creepy or totally unintelligible drivel now and then. Hence the typos, because Frost isn't completely immune himself.

  3. The usual question strikes again: what are those two (Parson and Overra) playing at? :/

  4. Just wanted to say I love this story and how now the plot develops. It's getting bigger and more complicated and the villains are now rally quite scary. ^^ (Parson IS scary, really, if he were real I think I would leave the COUNTRY if he were anywhere near me).
    And Hector is growing marvellously!
    Love i!

  5. VeryHelpfulAndFrostyCommentsMay 25, 2015 at 10:06 PM

    Tip: Wait a month and read it all suddenly to get the most out of it. Otherwise you're stuck with like half a minute of reading each day. Or you could challenge yourself to rereading from the beginning!

  6. They just become more and more of an enigma, don't they?

  7. I'm pretty sure that they are trying to help Vanguard to defeat Abolish and protect innocents, and they want to depose Sermung, but I can't imagine how they expect to do any good on their present course. I doubt that the Rainlords would ever have been willing to help, but at best what he did was ensure that they would be trying to stop whatever he was doing, and at worst they might and up getting pulled into a pointless conflict with Vanguard (bigger than they one they've already gotten themselves into) that could potentially lose important Vanguard troops and would definitely waste their valuable time on stuff other than beating up Abolish. He clearly has ties to Abolish of some kind, or at least access to a mole high level enough to know how to make aberrations, but he's shown remorse over unnecessary civilian casualties, so I doubt he could be supporting them. Adding to the difficulty is that he is clearly smart enough to come up with a good plan, and yet his actions thus far have seemed even more stupid than his public identity.
    TL;DR: they are probably trying to do good, but I have no idea how they plan for everything to work out, and I doubt anyone but Frost has any idea either.

  8. Paranoia fuel: If he were real, you probably wouldn't know where he is.