Thursday, May 21, 2015

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It was only then that Parson was able to get a good look at Jackson’s unique overcoat. The thing was a complex swirl of white and crimson, and it was supposed to be fireproof, Parson knew, but about half of it was missing, and now it looked more like some kind of torn and melted cloak.

Parson had heard about Jackson’s recent victory here, but he’d been too pressed for time to find out any of the details. Frankly, the whole thing had been a surprise--perhaps even to Jackson, by the look of things.

By appearance alone, Jackson was actually quite short, but his face could have been chiseled from bronze, dark complexion and all, and his eyes were as brilliant a blue as Parson had ever seen.

“Best not get too close to me,” the field marshal warned. “I accidentally incinerated Kane earlier.”

Parson blinked at that. “Kane? As in, Field Marshal Kane?”


“And by ‘incinerated,’ you don’t mean...?”

“Oh, no, of course not. He’s fine now. Though, if you run into him, I wouldn’t advise bringing it up. He seemed rather upset.”

Parson decided to take a few steps backward. If he was being completely honest, Jackson’s power was one of the ones he feared most in this world, if only because it held such an overwhelming advantage against him. So to then find out that the man was having difficulty controlling it--this was not the most comforting news.

“Where is Hyozen?” Parson asked.

“Resting,” said Jackson.

Parson didn’t want to let the conversation slacken. The longer he could dance around his reason for being here, the better. “So Abolish has really been run out of Horsht, huh?”

“It seems so.”


“Thank you.”

Parson didn’t like the way the man was staring at him. “I know you’re not one for celebrations, but I doubt anyone could argue that you don’t deserve one. A big party. Wouldn’t that be nice?”


  1. Nicolas Sagrillo de AraujoMay 21, 2015 at 4:04 PM

    As far as I know(I just finished high-school) those are chemical reactions, and not "waves". My money is still on particle vibrations- maybe a more limited but powerful version encompassing only heat? or perhaps materialization/transfiguration of a super radioactive material such as astatine.

  2. Doubt it's a radioactive (I think that's what Jada has, though) since Parson mentions that it's particularly effective against his oxygen. I don't think light-wielder anymore, now I think it's a mass type involving something highly flammable. Although it might still be infrared or something.

  3. If Roman can force particles to vibrate as he pleases, then I don't think it's too far-fetched to have an alteration user capable of forcing them to combust.

  4. Vincent Atd[perspherspley]May 21, 2015 at 7:41 PM

    Parson didn’t want to let the conversation [droop].

  5. Well, fireworks seem covered if you're going to throw a party. :P

    I suspect not, though. <_<

  6. Nicolas Sagrillo de AraujoMay 21, 2015 at 9:52 PM

    He DOES that, though. Well, fine, he uses a roundabout way to do so, and it appears he can't just do it mid-combat(forcing combustion, that is- he basically creates a flamethrower instead), but still, soul power it up and boom, fire powers.

  7. Nicolas Sagrillo de AraujoMay 21, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    Totally off-topic, but screw it:

  8. Typo:
    "Frankly, the whole thing had been [a] surprise"

  9. That was as intended, actually, but it probably did seem like a typo anyway. Changed it to "slacken," instead.

  10. You have to be close, since Parson's power is transfiguration to oxygen, so Jackson's power having an "overwhelming advantage" would make sense with oxidation I suppose

  11. That is new. I guess he has less time now or something.

  12. Well Imas was right about one thing. Jackson is really hot.

  13. Yeah. I did it as an experiment to see if it would help me become more consistent with updates again.

    And I'm... still testing.

  14. Just yesterday realized that Hyozen must be Jackson's reaper. I'd been thinking he was another high-ranked servant or something.